Hagedorn did the right thing

To the editor:

The old saying that you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts struck me as I read about Indivisible’s claim that Rep. Jim Hagedorn is unwilling to meet with them and listen to their concerns.

By Indivisible’s own admission, Rep. Hagedorn’s staff members have met with this far-left group 20 times in the last 6 months. Twenty. How can any group meet with the office of an elected official (especially one with 675,000 constituents) 20 times and still complain they’re being shut out?

It’s nonsensical until you go to Indivisible’s website and find a little nugget about effective “activism.” They write, “Congressional offices have limited time and limited people. A day that they spend worrying about you is a day that they’re not spending on ending Medicare, privatizing public schools, or preparing a Muslim registry.”

Unfortunately for Indivisible, one of their members apparently became a little too honest during one of their meetings and admitted their goal was exactly that – to disrupt Hagedorn’s staff. But for those whose Social Security or VA benefits are hung up in bureaucracy, what’s being stalled is district staffers’ ability to help them receive the needed benefits.

Personally, I can’t believe Rep. Hagedorn had the patience to wait this long to stop this charade. But now that this group of 30 or so protestors has to make phone calls, write letters and go to town halls like the rest of us, there will be more time for him to tend to the needs of the 674,970 other constituents Indivisible apparently doesn’t realize he has.

Cindy Maves