Town Talk: Water Quality Report

The Water Quality Report (WQR) is a document that is required to be published each year by all community water treatment and distribution systems. New Ulm Public Utilities Water Department is in the process of publishing the 2018 Water Quality Report. The Water Department makes an effort to provide all utility customers with a paper copy mailed to their residence as well as provide access to the WQR online at www.newulmmn.gov, or one can be pick one up at public buildings. Our report will be mailed to over 6,000 customers.

This report contains useful information about what, if any, chemical contaminants were discovered in the water customers receive at their tap over the past year. These chemicals are listed and information about each chemical is provided. This information includes the amount of chemical present, what amount of chemical the Environmental Protection Agency allows in the water and if the amount of chemical found exceeds the allowable level.

The report also includes information on how the chemical contaminant may get into the municipal water system. This report must show if the local water system is out of compliance with the allowable limits of contaminants. The report must also show if the local water system has complied with submitting all required paperwork and analyses to the state regulatory agency.

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