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Dayton’s right: Legal pot not needed

December 10, 2012
The Journal

Governor Mark Dayton, in an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, expressed his opposition to Minnesota following Colorado and Washington State down the path of decriminalizing marijuana use.

The governor is right when he says,?"I don't think we need another drug operating in our society."

Colorado and Washington gained much notice on election day when their voters approved measures to decriminalize possession and use of small amounts of marijuana. Washingtonians celebrated the other day when their law went into effect, lighting up at midnight under the Seattle Space Needle. Reporters on the scene had a little trouble getting coherent comments from the celebrators, however.

State Rep. Phyllis Kahn criticized Dayton in a couple of Twitter tweets, suggesting the governor lacks compassion for those suffering at the end of life, who find relief in marijuana. She added, "Not to mention the relief in costs for our criminal justice system and stopping of ruining of young (mainly Black) lives."

Law enforcement in Minnesota remains firmly opposed to the idea of legalizing marijuana, even if it would make their jobs easier. We suppose legalizing breaking and entering would make their jobs easier as well. And medical marijuana use needs to be strictly controlled, not like in California where a hangnail can get you a prescription for cannabis.

As for the suggestion that young (mainly Black) lives are being ruined by enforcement drug laws, perhaps Kahn should consider the idea that young lives are being ruined by drugs, not drug laws.

We will side with Gov. Dayton on this issue.



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