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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

November 10, 2012
The Journal

Levy referendum

THUMBS UP: The efforts of the ISD 88 Vote Yes committee proved effective this year, and the district's levy referendum request of $575 per pupil unit was approved in Tuesday's voting.

This will give the district some relief from the continuing trend to cut more and more from and already stretched budget, and prevent the overcrowding in the classroom from getting worse.

Be aware, however, that this is not a permanent fix. The levy is set to expire in ten years. Meanwhile, financial challenges will continue, as long as the state continues to limit its spending on education, and try to balance the state budget by withholding payments that are due to the state's school districts.

We hope economic improvements in the coming years will allow the state to loosen the purse strings when it comes to educating our state's young people.

Dakota March

THUMBS UP: The Dakota Commemorative March passed through New Ulm this week, a reminder of the aftermath of the US-Dakota War of 1862. The march commemorated the forced march of the Dakota people from the Lower Sioux Reservation near Morton to camps near Mankato and Fort Snelling.

It was a difficult trek through hostile terroritory for the Dakota back in November 1862, and hard times awaited them at the camps. For generations, memories of that march have haunted the Dakota and their descendants.

We hope the 150th anniversary of this terrible war and its aftermath will serve to heal the hearts of the descendants of the settlers and the Dakota. We hope that we can all remember the past, but also approach the future with a new spirit of friendship.

Enjoying the silence

THUMBS UP: The election is over, and we welcome the silence at the end of the strident campaign advertisements.

No more ominous music, no more images of political opponents in grainy black and white, their motions slowed down to exaggerate strange facial expressions. No more warnings that so-and-so is about to rob you blind and send you penniless to the poor house.

This year more than ever, thanks to the Super PACs, political advertising in the national campaigns seemed to take off. At times it seemed there was more advertising than actual programming on your favorite programs, especially the news shows.

But that's all over now. We can now prepare for the onslaught of Christmas shopping ads.



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