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Public notices, Nov. 6, 2012

November 6, 2012
The Journal


(November 6, 2012)



It has been determined

that a number of

Brown County

drainage ditches have

a deficit balance or in-

sufficient funds in their

accounts for proper

maintenance and

repair. The Brown

County Board of Com-

missioners therefore

deems it necessary to

spread assessments

and/or liens on all

lands benefited by said

ditches for the purpose

of creating a sufficient

fund balance in their

accounts for past

repairs and future

maintenance and

repair of the following


$ 1,000-JD#18 B&W

$ 2,000-Imp CD#3,

CD#8, Lat B of

CD#11, CD#12,

CD#18, CD#20, JD#8

B&W, JD#13 B&W

$ 2,500-CD#52

$ 3,000-CD#30,

CD#35, CD#38,

CD#42, CD#55, LAT 4

OF CD#58, LAT 5 TO

CD#58, JD#48 B&BE


CD#21, CD#24-A,

CD#29, CD#32,

CD#45, CD#46,

CD#48, JD#5 B&R,

JD#6 B&W

$5,000-CD#2, CD#43,

CD#47, CD#57;

CD#64, CD#67, JD#5

B&W, JD#24, B&R

$ 6,000-CD#65, JD#24



JD#25 B&R

$8,000-JD#9 B&BE

$9,000-CD#1, CD#49,

JD#12 B&R




JD#30 R&B




$21,000-JD#29 B&R


$24,000-IMP CD#11


CD#68, JD#14 B&W


$30,000-JD#10 B&BE


The above amounts

are recommenda-

tions at this time and

are subject to

change by the com-

missioners on the

meeting date


GIVEN that all parties

interested in this

matter of the

above-named ditches

will be heard at the

regular session of the

Board of Brown Coun-

ty Commissioners at

9:00 a.m. Tuesday,

November 20, 2012, in

the Commissioners

Room of the Brown

County Courthouse at

New Ulm, Minnesota.





ATTEST: Marlin C




(October 30, No-

vember 4, 6, 13, 20,

27, 2012)



DECEMBER 1, 2012

The sale to be held at

Old St. George

School/Church Gym-


63105 Fort Road, New

Ulm, Mn 56073

at 11:00 a.m.



That portion of the fol-

lowing described pro-

perty lying East of

County Road 59; The

N 1/2 of the SE 1/4

and Government Lots

9 and 16, all in Section

19, Township 111

North of Range 31

West and Lots 10 and

11 in Section 19,

Township 111 North of

Range 31 West, ex-

cept the following two

parcels: 1) beginning

at a point on the west

line of Lot 10 of said

Section, Township and

Range, 422 feet south

of the northwest

corner of said Lot 10;

thence south on said

west line 78.65 feet

thence south 40 de-

grees 33 minutes west

124.45 feet; thence

south 45 degrees 43

minutes east 114 feet

to the west line of said

Lot 10; thence south

57 degrees 28 minutes

east 143.5 feet;

thence north 79 de-

grees 8 minutes east

77.2 feet to the west

line of highway; thence

along said west line

north 14 degrees 52

minutes west 411.25

feet; thence south 47

degrees 59 minutes

west 123.4 feet to the

point of beginning;

containing 1.35 acres,

more or less; and 2)

commencing 84 chains

and 50 links west of

the quarter post

between sections

numbered 19 and 20 of

said Township and

Range; thence south 3

chains and 55 lengths;

thence south 86 1/2

degrees west 15

chains and 55 links;

thence north 4 chains

and 45 links; thence

east 15 chains and 50

links to the place of

beginning, all in West

Newton Township,

Nicollet County, Min-

nesota. 191 acres

more or less.



1. Only those submit-

ting a bid will be al-

lowed admission to the


2. Bids will be received

at 99 Navaho Avenue,

Suite 104, Mankato,

MN 56001 until 5:00

p.m. on November 29,

2012. Bids may also

be submitted on the

day of the sale until

commencement of the

sale at 11:00 a.m. on

December 1, 2012.

3. Each bid must be in

writing and state the

full amount of the bid.

All bids shall be ac-

companied by a

Cashier's Check made

payable to Kennedy &

Kennedy Law Office

Trust Account in the

amount of $20,000.00.

4. All persons submit-

ting bids are entitled to

be present and will

have an opportunity to

increase their bid. The

seller reserves the

right to reject any and

all bids, to waive any

formalities or irregulari-

ties in the sale pro-

cess, and to control all

rules and procedures

of the sale.


1. The successful

bidder must enter into

an earnest money con-

tract at the conclusion

of the bidding on De-

cember1, 2012. At that

time 10% of the pur-

chase price will be due

as earnest money with

the $20,000.00 applied

to this earnest money

requirement. The bal-

ance of the price will

be due and payable by

certified check no later

than December 31,

2012 the date of clos-


2. Seller shall pay all

real estate taxes pay-

able in 2012 and prior

years; purchaser shall

pay all real estate

taxes payable in the

year 2013 and


3. Property is being

sold in and "AS IS"

condition. The property

will not be surveyed

and will be sold using

the boundary lines es-

tablished by practical


4. Warranty Deed

delivered by seller

shall be subject to

easements, agree-

ments, and restrictions

of record, if any.

5. Checks for unsuc-

cessful bidders will be

returned immediately

after the auction.

6. The described pro-

perty is being sold pur-

suant to stipulation of

the Nosbush Family

under Order and super-

vision of the Nicollet

County Court, Michael

H. Kennedy, Court Ap-

pointed Referee.

For further information,

contact Michael H.

Kennedy, Kennedy &

Kennedy in Mankato at




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