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Asking for a favor from the community

October 6, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

As a co founder of the River Ranger Program and a nature lover in general I took it upon myself in April to adopt the creek running behind Target/Burger King and a section of the Cottonwood river (from the end of the creek near Schell's to the tressel behind Kraft) through the DNR. I am proud to say that we have cleaned up over 2,500 lbs of litter so far. Of that, 623 lbs have came just from the creek and the wooded area around it up to the Junior Pioneer Park. In order to keep it clean now we have placed three garbage cans along the creek and five barrels along the road from behind Target up to the Junior Pioneer Park. With OKtoberfest coming up I am begging that anyone out festing please throw their litter in these barrels and not on the ground to end up back in our creek. I take all responsibility for emptying and disposing of the litter in them.

And a huge THANK YOU to the many who have already been using them; unfortunately not everyone is so caring. I check twice weekly and there's still a lot of fast food wrappers and beer cans being thrown in this area.

There are also three cans along our section of the river, under each bridge and by the trestle. Again, I take all responsibility for them.

We have pulled almost 2,000 lbs of litter out of our area of the river but there are still many tires out there. Anyone willing to help me get them out, feel free to set them by the cans and I will gladly dispose of them and any litter you may find. Oct. 13 is National Day of Caring. The River Rangers are teaming up with the Girl Scouts to do a Leaf Clean up and Drain Cleaning because everything that goes into street drains goes directly into the river untreated. I am begging everyone in the community to help us out, even if it is only for five minutes. Please check the street drain in your neighborhood/work place, etc. to be sure it is free of debris. We need to stop the litter before it reaches the river and for every five bags of leaves we prevent from getting in the river equals one poudnof phosphorous, which contributes to 1,000 lbs of alge. This is huge and we need everyone's help to stop it. Many of you have probably noticed me walking around cleaning up litter in parking lots and streets lately. This is exactly why, not because I want to look like a bag lady or something, LOL. Please help me out, this town is too large for me to cover myself, thanks so much!

Lori Wengert

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