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Cited study on children of gay couples is flawed

October 4, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I've been reading The Journal online for about six years. I graduated from NUHS in 2007 and have been attending St. Cloud State University. My family has since moved out of state and my guilty pleasure is following the local news in New Ulm.

Over the past few months I've been appalled, but not surprised, by the letters sent to you regarding the Marriage Amendment. I decided weeks ago to not write a letter in response. After reading Ms. Connie Rossini's letter on Oct. 1, I decided that stifling my voice was the worst possible thing to do during this election process.

I'm sure Ms. Rossini's comments were well intended. After all, she's just repeating what the Catholic Church and others are teaching across our state. Let me just take this time to share some fact and some opinion with Ms. Rossini.

First off, you refer to a study stating "children of homosexual parents do worse than those raised by their married mom and dad in 25 of 40 significant areas." The study you were looking at actually looks at broken homes where the parents split and only looked at children born between 1974 and 1994. Long story short, your study is flawed and there are countless studies showing that there is no difference between children raised in same-sex households and heterosexual households.

In the most offensive part of your letter you state that children in homosexual households are treated as commodities, among other things. Commodities. Do you understand what that word means, Ms. Rossini? Commodities are things. Commodities are replaceable. Commodities can be returned. Children cannot. Not a single gay or lesbian couple would call a child a commodity. You must think we also choose to adopt them so that they match our shoes we happen to be wearing that day?

Some day when I have children, and it will happen Ms. Rossini, I cannot wait to share with them the love, values, and life lessons that my parents shared with me. I want to encourage them to change the world. Encourage them to dream. Encourage them to have goals. Encourage them to give back to others. Encourage them to love. I want my children to know that they are loved and that they can do anything and be any person they want them to be, regardless of the fact that they will have two fathers.

Ms. Rossini, my children will not be commodities. They will be loved. They will be guided and shaped into strong, loving, caring, and motivated individuals. I encourage you and others who agree with you to pull back and think about this vote. Vote "No" for kids! Vote "NO" and allow for children to be raised in loving homes of all colors, sizes, and economic backgrounds regardless of their sexual orientations. Let love be love.

Jarrod Wiggins

St. Cloud



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