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Leave marriage decision to those getting married

October 4, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The only people that should be concerned with same sex marriage are gay people and their friends and family that love them. It should not affect anyone else.

I am married; do you have a problem with that? If it is a religious thing, then don't let them marry in your church. The founding fathers of our country were guided by religious leaders that wanted government strictly separated from religion. They had been persecuted because of their religion in other countries. Take the Hutterites, they had to leave Germany for czarist Russia, then had to come here to escape communism.

Gay marriage had been in North America long before it was ever colonized by Europeans. "Two Spirit" people have been documented in over 155 pre-colonial Native American tribes from all regions of North America. They married, raised orphans, fought in battle, healed sick, and performed religious ceremonies just as heterosexual people have done and still do.

I'm not saying some of our religious leaders are wrong. I am just saying they should not try to push their beliefs on others not in their religion. Legal marriage is a legal document, religious marriage is a religious rite not recognized in court. That is why you have to sign a legal document with a witness when you get married. Have a nice day.

William Jenkins

New Ulm



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