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Some straight talk

October 2, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I'm responding to recent Letters to the Editor about the marriage amendment.

God created man and a woman for procreation between one man and one woman, not between two people of the same sex.'

I'm not against men loving men or women loving women. They can love whomever they want, call it a homosexual relationship or whatever they want BUT DON'T call it a marriage. If they want this kind of relationship they can go to a lawyer and have a contract written to have visitation rights, own homes together, any rights a married man and woman can have. The problem lies that homosexuals want to change the Defense of Marriage Act.

A recent letter to the editor a woman stated married people have 1400 State and Federal benefits and homosexuals should have the same rights. I say homosexuals already have the same rights. Where does she get her statistics, I'd like to know. I've been married for 52 years and I think I'm a little short on those 1400 benefits. I'd like to know which ones I've been missing.

I want a marriage between one man and one woman to be in the constitution so some activist judge can't overrule what the people have voted for or the State legislature made into law, like what happened in California and other states where activist judges overturned the people's vote. That is why I am voting YES on the marriage amendment.

I'm not afraid to put a vote "Yes" sign on my lawn and being called a bigot or mean spirited person. One woman wrote a letter to the editor calling anyone having a "Yes" sign a bigot or mean spirited person. Does that mean that anyone who has a "No" sign is not a bigot or mean spirited person towards someone elses view? I have the same rights as a person who puts up a "No" sign. They call it Freedom of Speech.

If you want "Yes" signs, let me know, I have some and can get more!

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm



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