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Defense of free speech

September 26, 2012
The Journal

Some pundits heard only a part of President Barack Obama's speech Tuesday to the UN General Assembly, the part where he denounced the anti-Muslim video that has been used to spark anti-US?protests across the Middle East. Citing only that part, they renew the accusation that the president is an apologist.

But the rest his speech contained a stirring defense of the right of free speech that Americans hold so dear, explaining to the rest of the world that doesn't seem to understand the concept that we may disagree with what someone says, but defend their right to say it. The answer is not repression, but discussion. The more people are able to freely express their opinions, the more likely it is that the truth will be heard.

There is no way the United States government can control the dissemination of free speech, even as hateful as the "Innocence of Muslims" video, without squashing all speech. This is a message the Middle East tyrants and agitators need to hear again and again.



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