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Guacamole bites provide a nice welcome home touch

April 17, 2012
By Wendy Monro , Simply Food

There is nothing like getting back to your own bed. No matter how wonderful the trip away from home was, I always appreciate coming back. I love sleeping in my own bed and on my own pillow. I am also very fond of waking up knowing where I am. We slept in so many different towns and on a variety of beds while we were in England that I kept waking up being very confused about where I was. I am sure all of the wine I drank wasn't helping matters either.

Now that we are home, we had to get right back into the swing of things. School was back in session, hockey practice was still in full swing, work was waiting, and friends wanted to get together. So, we needed to get over our jet lag at once. Unfortunately, our bodies weren't cooperating. Daphne came down with a fever, Jack kept waking up at 2 a.m., and I kept falling asleep at 7 p.m. Sometimes, you just have to let your body do what it wants and recover at its own pace. We are all finally feeling normal again. Thank goodness.

Part of getting back to normal as quickly as possible meant I was cooking healthy foods, especially since Daphne was feeling under the weather. I headed straight to Sunflower Market to stock up on food. We had nothing in the refrigerator since we were away. I loaded up on veggies to make some soup and salads for my family. My favorite market had a huge avocado sale. The sale was on the very ripe and ready avocados. I had to make some guacamole with these babies. I bought loads of them. I was reminded of the guacamole videos I filmed for just before we left for England. If you go to my Facebook page ( Foodify), you can see the guacamole videos. Or, if you type in Simply Foodify into the search section of, you will see the videos too. Have a look. I filmed 11 videos on different types of guacamole, how to fix too salty guacamole and how to preserve guacamole. It's a lot of information.

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Guacamole bites heated up and ready to eat

At the market, I bought the fixings to make kale and lentil soup and some Israeli salad to snack on whenever anyone was hungry. We were skipping dinner since everyone was falling asleep so early. This way, my family could heat up soup or scoop out a bowl of salad any time. Sometimes, I just grabbed a ripe avocado, sliced it in half, removed the pit, filled balsamic vinegar into the cavity where the pit was, sprinkled salt and pepper and ate it like that with a spoon.

By the time the weekend rolled around, we were invited to a birthday party. I wanted to make an appetizer to bring to the celebration. Guacamole is always a great appetizer to bring to any party.

However, I wanted to do something a little different. Sometimes, I make these guacamole sandwiches. I used to order this at a little health food restaurant I went to while I was in high school. First, I make the guacamole and I pile it onto a piece of whole wheat bread. Next, I slice tomatoes and layer them on. Finally, I sprinkle Spike seasoning generously over the top. This delicious sandwich goes into the oven under the broiler for a few minutes to heat it all up. It is so incredibly good. I think the restaurant where I first ate this sandwich used to add shredded cheese on top too. I don't add this anymore because I am trying to make this dish more heart healthy and less fattening.

Fact Box

Guacamole Bites

Serves: 6

Time: 20 minutes

1 French baguette, sliced

3 cups guacamole (recipe follows)

5 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters

Spike seasoning, to taste

Slice the baguette into small circular pieces. Top each piece with guacamole. Place the cherry tomato pieces on top. Sprinkle on the Spike seasoning. Heat for five minutes under the broiler to heat up. Serve.


5 avocados, peeled and diced

juice of two lemons

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients into a bowl.

I am pleased to say that by changing my diet, I have lowered my cholesterol. Magically, it is now in the normal range. It really wasn't very hard to do. I stopped eating so much cheese (I only eat cheese on the weekends), I rarely eat any meat, and I cut down on the use of all oils. I also eat tons of whole grains and vegetables every day. Since I am not a huge fruit fan, I have been making smoothies with tons of fruit for breakfast. This way, I get the fruit I need on a daily basis. So, last week I received the results of my check up and learned that my cholesterol was normal.

You can add the cheese if you like but I read the other day that when you are using creamy avocados, it really isn't necessary to add cheese. I believe that author was correct and that is saying something coming from a cheese lover like myself. I decided I could use the same concept as the guacamole sandwich, only on tiny pieces of bread so they could be little mouth-watering bites.

That is exactly what I did. I sliced a baguette into small bite size pieces. I added the guacamole, tomatoes, and Spike. When I arrived to the party, I just heated those puppies up and served them to the guests. They were a hit. I, of course, was instantly drawn to the cheese platter and completely blew my idea of keeping the evening heart healthy. In my defense, it was the weekend. Oh well, nobody's perfect. I drank some heart healthy red wine to balance it all out. Unfortunately, I woke up not knowing where I was the next morning even though I was in my own bed. Darn red wine!

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