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How secure can our southern border be?

June 17, 2014

So easy a child could do it. The phrase is used to describe everything from assembling toys to programming remote controls. And now, for sneaking across the border from Mexico into the United State....

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Jun-21-14 9:43 PM

I also send $$ to Guatemala child and his family. I certainly wouldn't send it to our government to help another country whether Democrat or Republican in charge.

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Jun-21-14 3:08 PM

JReader - Like you, I, also, send money to the missions in hopes of helping to provide a better way of life for those so desperately in need. I was encouraged to do that attending a Catholic school & have continued to do so throughout my life. Besides prayer, that is the only way I know how to help. I actually do feel good about doing that because it is doing good for those in need. Hopefully, if we continue to do so, it will make a difference because that is what my sincere motive is and what I have always been taught to believe.

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Jun-20-14 11:27 PM

svensota - I did not take your comment as a cheap shot, just wry humor. I do understand what you mean, & I absolutely know we are talking about CHILDREN. As I stated in my first comment, I hope & pray that we would never turn our backs on children or anyone in need. If the children continue to cross into our country, can we give them everything they need, including a family, a home, education, healthcare? We can give them food, clothing, & shelter, but children need much more. Anyway......Yes......Still friends.

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Jun-18-14 2:51 PM


Of course you would rather have "them" there than here.

We have never been a nation that excludes the poor and the unfortunate, until the right-wing decided "they" were some great threat because of education, or color, or wealth.

Imagine that, little dirty-faced kids being a threat to a bunch of self-satisfied fat cats.

Serve it up anyway you want, JR, but in the end, it's prejudice you and your right-wing pals are embracing.

And, by all means, keep sending those checks south.

I'm sure it makes you feel all tingly and good inside.

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Jun-18-14 12:56 PM

Rather have them live there legally than here illegally.

I choose to spend my money where I think it will do the most good. Education is a key as well as economic development. It has nothing to do with appeasing my conscience. If people have no reason to leave they will stay. Pretty simple if you think about it. Build a better life for them at home and they won't have to face the exploitation to get here and after they get here.

This is a political issue and not a religious one in my opinion. Just like that marriage thing you and Michael like to talk about.

As long as your personal religious views fit the wider political narrative we should all jump on board - right Sven ?

To each there own I guess.

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Jun-18-14 11:08 AM

JR: Funny how you throw up money when you need to ease your conscience. Dance and congratulate yourself all you want on your fabulous generosity, but in the end, your approach is to keep "them" down there.

To each their own I guess.

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Jun-18-14 10:07 AM


Funny how you throw up religion when it suits you. I have a different approach. I regularly send money to support missions in Central America in an effort to improve the lives of it's citizens. I would never advocate that they break our laws in an effort to improve their lives. Not everyone is capable of crossing the border to the U.S. to improve their lives. What of them ? If people are bold and daring enough to make it here we are supposed to embrace them ? What about the crooks that get paid large sums to smuggle people into the U.S. ? How do they square with your Christian values ?

I think we could go along way to fixing our illegal immigration problem by working on the homelands these desperate people are leaving. That is where a lot of me donations go. To each their own I guess.

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Jun-18-14 9:54 AM

The U.S. has 2 great agencies that are trained and prepared to both secure the border, and clean out the aliens inside the border. However, both CBP and ICE have been handcuffed by the government, and are not allowed to do their job. If the government would stop worrying about losing voters, and allow the agencies to do their job, the problem will diminish considerably. As far as the "Border Jumpers"... there are ways to be in the US legally. Even if you got here without a VISA, you can go to an immigration office, and start the paperwork. Yes, the road to citizenship needs to be changed, but there is still a road. If the aliens choose not to take it, they shouldn't be here. But, if they truly want to Live the American Dream... we could use all the tax payers we can get. We can't handle anymore freeloaders, we have enough of those here already!

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Jun-17-14 11:50 PM

GrandmaD: I can assure you my comment was NOT directed at you. I have never taken a cheap shot at you and don't intend to.

My "build churches, not fences" was meant to be more metaphorical and was aimed at everyone who reads this thread.

I'm a Christian. A left wing Christian, but still a Christian. And I think we should do what true Christians have always done: embrace the poor, the less fortunate, and offer compassion...not exclusion.

What do you think Jesus would do?

I don't think He would be setting up machine gun nests and razor wire and all the rest of the idiotic "walls" the right wing seems to crave. We're talking here about CHILDREN who are destitute and hungry.

Read my new variation of the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. America has never been a place for just the rich, just the white, just the educated, just the swell.

Hooray for the wretched masses.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Still friends?

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Jun-17-14 10:18 PM

sven - Since your comment was directed at me, I have to say I am disappointed in your only solution. I expected much more from you. The solution you offer just isn't feasible & makes no sense. Unless, of course, the God-fearing Christians (or non God-fearing non Christians) of the left are willing to pitch in & help. Imagine that.

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Jun-17-14 9:19 PM

Who is hiring these people? Are they paying them cash? Maybe the illegal immigrants and the people who employ them should all be deported together. Also, if a business employs them, they better pay them a wage that they can support themselves without my tax dollars. Otherwise, that's corporate welfare.

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Jun-17-14 9:12 PM

Jreader I hope those numbers did not come from The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a conservative advocacy group that favors tighter immigration law as they have an obvious agenda and those numbers have been debunked. I am not saying there is no cost to illegal immigration however even if you could immediately secure the borders so no more immigrants ever came in the ones that are already here are here. Cost estimates to round up and deport 12 million illegal immigrants could run into the trillions so what is the solution.

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Jun-17-14 8:33 PM

Sven - how many days have you been off your meds? ;<)

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Jun-17-14 6:38 PM

Only one.

Why don't you God-fearing Christians of the right just build churches all along the border and welcome your brothers?

Imagine that.

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Jun-17-14 4:11 PM

Ok, so a wall would cost 4 to 8 billion dollars vs. an annual cost of 100 - 113 billion to allow illegals roam around our country. Seems real simple the wall is a much more cost effective way to go from purely a dollar and cents stand point.

Any other questions ?

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Jun-17-14 4:04 PM

japanviking - You are correct, the solution is not as easy as, "Let's build a fence to "secure" our borders." And, yes, no one denies there is a problem. The truth, in my opinion, is that there is no solution. Do you have one? Does anyone have one? I don't.

I would hope & pray that we would never turn our backs on children or anyone in need. So, how can we fix this growing problem? As for The Journal editorial staff, I'm quite sure they do not have the answer, either. In their defense, once again, The Journal, as well as at least 40 other newspapers, are owned by Ogden Newspapers, Inc. & the same editorials are often printed in many of them. Ogden controls that.

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Jun-17-14 3:07 PM

Or, rather, you're welcome.


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Jun-17-14 3:06 PM

"Give me only your well educated, your rich,

Your unhuddled masses on freeways driving Lexuses,

The affluent who refuse those teeming in little boats offshore,

Send them back, the homeless wretches,

Tempest tossed much to my glee,

I lift a martini to my golden life of MORE!"


Your welcome.

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Jun-17-14 12:38 PM


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Jun-17-14 12:38 PM

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Jun-17-14 8:11 AM

A state of the art 2,000 mile “wall” would cost an estimated four to eight billion dollars. A “lesser” wall might be as low as $851 million for a standard 10-foot prison chain link fence topped by razor wire, add $362 million to electrify it. A 12-foot tall, two-foot-thick concrete wall would run about $2 billion. None of those figures take into account maintenance, upkeep or Patrol costs. So Journal Editorial staff what is your solution? You do a great job complaining about problems with never a comment on a solution. Who should pay for all of this? The border States? The U.S. taxpayer? And where does the money come from? Republicans routinely say we can have “NO” additional spending without offsets (code for cuts to other programs, other than Defense which is untouchable according to the Republicans)? No one denies the problem exists but the solution is not as easy as let’s build a fence to “secure” our borders.

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