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Barb Marti files civil lawsuit against Morgan Creek Vineyard, ATV driver

Case deals with injuries sustained by Marti in ATV accident in 2012

June 10, 2014

CAMBRIA — A personal injury lawsuit was filed on May 27 against Shawn Patrick Hearn and Morgan Creek Vineyard in Cambria Township, Blue Earth County, by Barbara Marti of New Ulm for injuries she......

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Jun-14-14 9:48 AM

Wow. That's creative. Are you still in middle school?

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Jun-13-14 11:11 PM

Unfortunately the Journal and the Mankato Free Press published their articles with out even half the information, and what they did publish most of it was wrong. Please be careful that you know the whole story before you judge.

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Jun-13-14 3:25 AM

Maybe you should have thought before writing that comment, regulargal.

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Jun-12-14 6:33 PM

I hear it was a very serious injury and I thought that is what we pay insurance for. Husband filed for divorce before the lawsuit was ever filed

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Jun-12-14 2:25 PM

I know Barb has a double spinal fusion and that her husband, shortly after the surgery, asked for a divorce. He is not a defendant in the case.

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Jun-11-14 7:49 AM

The Mankato paper mentioned divorce proceedings in their article. It looks like now that she's leaving the family, sue them on the way out. The American dream: get "hurt", sue, collect a check, relax and enjoy the life the rest of America pays for.

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Jun-11-14 7:20 AM

I agree with you in principle, Ron. Sometimes doing the right thing means going bankrupt. In that case, someone else suffers, too.

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Jun-11-14 7:18 AM

Talk is cheap. If your bad decision audibly put you $50k in the red, would you just*****it up? What if that meant you might lose the house that you live in? Maybe that means your kids lose their house, too. (I don't know if she has kids or how old they are).

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Jun-11-14 12:13 AM

mcw - no choice but to sue? How about -*****it up and deal with the bad decisions you made. Insurance not covering her bad decisions? Wah. that's the penalty. I'm so sick of people thinking their bad decisions shoudl somehow mean that you and I pay them. F them.

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Jun-11-14 12:01 AM

I'm guessing the Holidays won't be the same anymore.

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Jun-11-14 12:00 AM

I'm guessing that she had no choice but to sue them. Her insurance probably refused the claim because it happened on their property. Morgan Creek's insurance probably is also refusing the claim.

If she has all these medical bills, though, how can she afford cigarettes?

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Jun-10-14 7:55 PM

There must be some facts missing that we are not aware of- something that would explain why the vineyard would be responsible? The article said that their was a sticker about passengers- did the vineyard instruct her to get on the machine? Was she an employee?

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Jun-10-14 6:48 PM

Shame on you Barb. BS lawsuits like this are the death-knell of the USA and our freedoms. You decided to sit on the ATV. The driver decided to drive after drinking. Now Morgan Creek will be penalized for your collective bad decisions. Worse,you win the BS lawsuit, Morgan Creek closes down, and the rest of the us lose our freedom to enjoy all that is great about Morgan Creek Vineyards. You self-serving ******** are ruining America.

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Jun-10-14 5:06 PM

I must have misread the article....Barb has filed a lawsuit against her mother and father inlaw? Wow...No more wine for Barbie!

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Jun-10-14 12:10 PM

Thank you Dr nuworker for such an educated diagnoses. You have no idea what her medical situation is. Just because she's up, walking around, doesn't mean she hasn't any problems. I think you should go back to med school for a refresher course.

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Jun-10-14 7:29 AM

Sometimes people make bad judgement calls, like getting on a vehicle that says no passengers other that in the actual seats. Or getting on a vehicle with someone who is "over the limit". How about taking partial responsibility for your own actions.

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Jun-10-14 4:57 AM

Must not be too bad, I saw her buying smokes from the smoke shop the other day.

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