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The whole truth on VA bill

June 5, 2014

To the editor: Kristine Paulson’s June 4 letter (“Who’s Not Looking out for VA”) requires a response....

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Jun-09-14 4:04 PM

Gary ,using your logic the Republicans should have voted for it and passed the debt to our kids (unfunded liability). Do you have something against kids?

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Jun-09-14 1:07 PM

Once again justify the republican vote any way you want to justify it. Bottom line the republican senators voted against this bill. 41 out of 45 voted a big NO.

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Jun-08-14 3:38 PM

garyschmid - sometime ago the Senate Dems and Reps agreed and passed a set amount spending budget. When the Vets bill came up the question became how do we fit this expense in the Budget we just passed and agreed to. What spending will we decrease to cover this amount? Typically the Reps wanted to add but reducing some other expense to cover keeping true to the agreed spending ceiling - the Dems - just add it to the credit card and let our grandkids, great-grandkids and maybe our great-great-grandkids pay for it. JMHO.

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Jun-07-14 4:09 PM

As JR stated the republicans had their reasons for voting against the vet bill. 41 out of 45 voted against the bill, needed 60 to pass, slice and dice it anyway you want, bottom line is the Republicans are the reason this bill failed.

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Jun-05-14 12:44 PM

Nice attempt to change the direction of the discussion JV.

Why has defense spending hit record highs during Obama's term as president ? I know it's Bush's fault.... yada yada yada.

Answer this, did Democrats have the ability to stop the Republican's unending thirst for defense spending or are they powerless ?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Go ahead, and just keep blaming one side. Until you stop nothing is going to change and you are going to continue to be part of the problem.

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Jun-05-14 11:56 AM

JReader why is it that the Republicans have ZERO problem spending money on Defense appropriations including equipment and weapons the Pentagon states they do not even want or need as well as corporate welfare for huge companies but cannot find money for VA benefits. They need to reexamine their priorities because by any objective reasoning they are skewed.

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Jun-05-14 9:39 AM


Can you clearly state the only reason the Republicans voted against was due to the lack of the Iranian Amendment ? The "truth" is there were more one reason for the Republicans to oppose it. You may not like all the reasons because of your own political stance but to say that was the only reason is not being truthful.

If the Democrats were truly committed to this bill why couldn't they come up with a way to pay for it ? After all, they signed on to curb spending. Were they being truthful when they agreed to this or were they merely setting up the Republicans as the "bad guys" who were holding firm on their commitment to hold the line on spending ?

See how any action taken by one party can get twisted to make the other guys look bad ? These two groups continue to fight it out while our veterans die waiting for treatment. We only add to their suffering when we choose one side over the other and not hold both sides accountable.

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Jun-05-14 8:27 AM

Your letter is also not the "whole truth" as you yourself cherry pick the facts for your own partisan points. There is no mention of the fact that the real reason that the Republicans voted against this bill is because Democrats would not allow them to attach an amendment that included increased Iranian sanctions which have absolutely ZERO to do with the VA funding issue. They could not get there way so they voted down the entire bill which would have helped veterans. This bill also had strong support from the VFW, DAV, and American Legion but as they are not large corporations their voices are largely ignored.

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