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Chickens vs. dogs

June 5, 2014

We’re glad to see the New Ulm City Council is taking a closer look at the issue of chickens being raised inside the New Ulm city limits....

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Jun-11-14 11:07 PM

Maybe we could compromise and allow chickens on the east side of the railroad tracks.

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Jun-11-14 4:42 AM

What a terrible comparison! I think people need to venture out a to a reputable hatchery or breeder and see for yourselves how chickens really are. When given the right care, a large enough pen, and when kept in small numbers chickens are just as clean as dogs. There are many options out there for chicken coops that are designed for raising chickens in your backyard, granted they are not to confining for the chicken. If you pack tons of chickens in a pen and fail to clean it properly you will indeed have a foul smelling mess, but a big dog in a small kennel that has not been scooped or hosed off in days smells terrible as well! Chickens do make amazing pets. My chickens follow me around the yard, take treats from my hand and provide great companionship. Chickens are also entertaining to watch as they scratch around searching for bugs. I have to laugh about keeping chickens in the house, for a good giggle google chicken diapers... yes you can buy chicken diapers!

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Jun-06-14 10:59 PM

To some of the comments on here. Yes, some chickens do become pets that people enjoy as much as dogs. They are smart enough to come when called and jump for treats even if taught. I had one that rode on my bike handlebars as a kid. As for smell, 6 chickens won't leave any lingering odor if they are cleaned after, same as a dog or cat. I think its a nice idea, and it is true that although they are "livestock" a few hens are not so much a money making deal (in fact you will spend more than you make even if you sell a few eggs)as an enjoyable distraction from the daily grind and fresh eggs for breakfast. And Jackie713 as for it being so gross that they eat ticks...only happy backyard or free range chickens get to eat ticks and bugs and it would do you good to see how all your food animals live-its so much worse.

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Jun-06-14 10:31 AM

@Jackie713 The group is requesting to have enclosed chicken coops. We are not expecting that our chickens can have free run of the neighborhood. Yes, just like any animal one occassionally might get out but if this happens they will do a lot less harm then most other pets. Yes, they can carry avian flu but in small backyard flocks this is not a safety concerns as there are no documented cases in the US. avian flu is usually transmitted to humans only thru feces or blood. Just like any animal I would recommend washing your hands after coming in contact with this and you shouldn't have an issue. In fact even wild birds can carry avian flu. Thanks to chickens and other birds we have less ticks...I'd say thats a good thing.

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Jun-06-14 12:23 AM

dogs do not run as freely in new ulm or at least they are not suppose to be. Dogs are not chickens the have no feathers and I clean up after my dog. Each time he poo's will people clean up after their chickens each time. Was it not too long ago everyone was ready to put a poor horse down for living with in city limits because it smelled. Chicken are worse and wet feed is awful. Question do chicken carry bird flu? And I may never eat eggs or chicken again hearing they eat ticks people share a little too much for this city raised girl.

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Jun-05-14 11:58 PM

@randiscott I grew up around poultry myself so I am not kidding anyone. You are correct when chickens are kept in large numbers and not maintained properly they present a strong odor. The group is requesting a maximum of 6 hens and owners would be expected to perform adequate cleaning. With those factors in mind I know from personal experience that you would hardly be able to smell the chickens on a neighboring property.

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Jun-05-14 5:55 PM

I grew up on a farm with chickens. Don't kid yourself..chickens are messy and their droppings have a very strong ammonia smell. Good luck with this New Ulm. I would not want to live next door to someone who raised chickens. They belong on a farm.

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Jun-05-14 1:36 PM

Dogs were used as a comparison because almost everyone is aware of the noise level, smell, etc of a dog so it is easy to relate to. However, not everyone is aware of these details for chickens as this Journal article supports. Chickens are in fact often kept for their enjoyment and companionship. Most people that keep small backyard flocks do so for the enjoyment not as livestock because you could never make a profit doing so. Many backyard chickens have names, are spoiled with treats, come running when they see their owners, and some even enjoy sitting in laps for petting. There is even a small following of people that are now keep the smaller bantam breeds of chickens as inside house pets. Please do your research before you make blanket statements.

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Jun-05-14 12:38 PM

Oops, it should be versus - I don't want to be getting a ticket from the grammar police.

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Jun-05-14 12:34 PM

"Let's face it. Chickens are not dogs."

Thanks for enlightening all of us. I'm not part of the select committee on chickens but perhaps, just perhaps the comparison of chickens and dogs had nothing to do with such things as biology or their intended use but simply on the proposed impact of one species verses the other might have on the neighbors and neighborhoods. You know, noise and poo and biting etc.

We could always make another festival out of it.... chicken vs. dog tick eating contest. People from as far away as Essig might just want to catch that event.

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