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Chancery offices

April 28, 2014

To the editor: While driving through New Ulm recently I passed the new Chancery offices. I had two thoughts — I am almost embarrassed to be a Catholic wasting all that money....

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May-11-14 7:07 AM

You sound very angry Mr Wichman and your posts often aren't clear. subsequently you are now another poster that I skip reading. I hope you get through whatever it is that is causing it.

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May-10-14 2:37 PM

Clearly someone is off their meds again.

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May-09-14 1:56 PM

Do enlighten us Mr Wichman as to what your description of charity is? And while your at it, lets see your list of Charity in your lifetime?

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May-02-14 8:04 AM

Ya OK Aunty, so lets just do away with all those pesky charitable organizations.

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May-01-14 9:36 AM

Regarding that 5th place as largest charitable organization in the United States. Nothing but admiration for the charity work done by the all churches, but our tax dollars have been funding religious nonprofit organizations and programs for decades. Over 65% of Catholic Charities recent $2.3 billion budget came from government sources. Billions have gone many Catholic organizations from the USDA, Dept of Labor, HHS, and others.

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Apr-30-14 7:07 AM

People have right to their opinions. And if Lynn is embarrassed to be a Catholic that is her choice. As for me, I did not donate one cent towards that building, because I too thought if was excessive. The church has not closed the doors to me because of that. And to whoever it was on here that said something about the school and excessive spending what do you mean? Where has the district spent money where they did not need it? Do you mean the years of staff cuts? Or, maybe you mean raising activity costs because it was that or ? A new school would not be the worse thing for this town. Have you really looked at the school structures recently. They need upkeep for sure. Look what happened to the middle school when too many years and not enough money was spent to keep it running. Crap, look at the size of these building and the cost of what any maintenance project costs. I have to re-shingle my one story ranch this year and that cost is enough to make me gag.

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Apr-29-14 10:07 PM

I have a question for you all: you criticize and say how this money should do this and this building is that. OK: if someone came around with a Capital Campaign to do nothing but take the money and feed the poor, how much would you donate yourselves? This campaign has no religious affiliation. Do you think this campaign would be able to raise $7 million dollars in 2-3 years? Stop acting like you're all above this building and how big of waste of money it is. I'm not even disagreeing with you. There is just as much waste in all of our lives as in this building and isn't that what a church and a faith is, the people?

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Apr-29-14 4:19 PM

I'm not a Catholic so I have no vested interest in how it was paid for. I think it is an interesting building, however, I think the lot is too small for the size. I wish they would have built it closer to the old building...I kinda liked the hill and the two old trees that once stood there at the top.

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Apr-29-14 10:23 AM

Because JReader, you speak off the cuff without doing your homework. Please check out the Forbes article, take note who is listed as the 5th largest charitable organization in the United States.***********forbes****/sites/williampbarrett/2013/11/25/the-largest-u-s-charities-for-2013/

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Apr-29-14 9:53 AM


Why does my viewpoint not carry any weight ? Just because I'd rather see money collected by the church go to feeding, clothing, and housing the poor rather than build a gaudy structure that only speaks to the excesses of men and nothing more; why should my opinion be deemed as worthless ?

Why would you defend this project that is nothing more than a testament to the inflated egos of men ?

At least a high school is built to educate our children. Although I've gone on the record as opposing it, at least a new high school has a much more noble purpose.

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Apr-29-14 7:42 AM

Thankyou for recognizing me as a supporter of my faith, as to the NUACS statement I cant lay claim. I am in fact a product of public schools so I have seen the waste first hand.

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Apr-29-14 1:21 AM

careaboutsnivelrights-You have to be the most pro Catholic/NUACS supporter....and most anti anything to do with ISD 88 person I know. You sell pumpkins in the fall by any chance?

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Apr-28-14 11:37 PM

At over 7 million dollars, the cost per square foot is quite high. Then again, gold isn't cheap. It sure is taking Thema long time to complete. MLC started their childcare center after the Diocese and finished months ago.

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Apr-28-14 10:10 PM

MCW enlighten us with all the accesses of the New Pastoral center we all await your supreme judgement

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Apr-28-14 9:29 PM

I doubt the school will be built with that much excess.

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Apr-28-14 7:28 PM

JReader, so that applies to the Diocese cant the same thing be said about Dist 88 "needing a new high school" or do they just "want one"? it never fails, someone is going to take your viewpoint, its been noted but it doesnt carry any weight.

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Apr-28-14 1:45 PM

The local church leaders and some of its faithful must not be able to discern between a need and a want. It is much more important after all, to be pious than practical.

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Apr-28-14 11:18 AM

I shake my head at how people need to police something like this, it came from 100% donations from the faithful, if people felt it was a waste then they wouldnt have given money, 50% of all money donated to this project was returned to the individual parish where it came from, it is a win win situation. Until you have the facts and have seen the inside of the old building, please don't cast stones.

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Apr-28-14 8:49 AM

so whats keeping you? If you are that embarrassed of your religion I'm sure some other would gladly take you

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