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It's all about corporate greed

January 14, 2014

To the editor: Yesterday (Jan. 6) the editor was railing about president Obama sitting on the fence about the Keystone XL oil pipe line....

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Jan-16-14 10:32 PM

Who said this?

"Even if you are a Birkenstock-wearing, bearded Greenpeace member, you should love the Keystone pipeline."

Answer: Well, of course, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (TEXAS).




(Snerk, snonkle, snork, guffaw...snonk...gasp)


Did I mention U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is from Texas?

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Jan-15-14 1:15 PM

JReader I am not commenting on the merits or lack of merits of the pipeline I would only comment on your comment about the funding sources for the Cornell study. Every single TV commercial I have seen in support of the pipeline are sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute which obviously also has an agenda. I think it should be left up to the individual States this will pass through and those that own the land that this project would go over. If they want it fine if they do not that should end it. States rights and all, correct?

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Jan-15-14 8:59 AM

The Cornell study only involves the temporary jobs created during the construction. It is short sighted and does nothing to study the long term impact of employment opportunities.

The Global Labor Institute can hardly be deemed an objective sponsor of this study either. Their agenda is quite obvious and the funding sources they receive for their "studies" would certainly point to bias.

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Jan-15-14 2:50 AM

Have you read the study by Cornell University regarding the Keystone Project? You may change your tune.

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Jan-14-14 11:48 AM

Greed also comes in the form of depriving or obstructing others the means to provide for themselves for their own comfort and survival through the use of enhanced influence, or insidious and tyrannical methods.

That pretty much sums up the Obama Administration as it relates to the Keystone project.

Americans are being deprived jobs due to his heavy handed stonewalling of this project. Obama would much rather see the jobs go to the Canadians to the detriment of Americans looking for good paying jobs. He is more interested in keeping the long term unemployed right where they are at while touting "Economic Equality" by raising the minimum wage which only impacts less than 3% of our work force.

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Jan-14-14 10:11 AM

It's funny when you call corporations greedy , what do you call it when you want to take that money away from them and divide it amongst yourselves without doing anything to earn it? These corporations are the backbone ( along with small business ) of this country , keep on regulating and taxing them to death and we will end up as a third world nation, they will move to friendlier nations.

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Jan-14-14 10:06 AM

I find it interesting that it is all about corporate greed. These companies have tried to get refineries built in the U.S. , but the EPA won't allow it. The environmentalists thinks it makes more sense to ship it abroad , have it refined there and shipped back here. Instead we could do it here , under tighter regulations than abroad and create jobs and help keep the environment cleaner. The comment about "corporate greed" is funny also. Have you looked at your retirement plan? You are a holder in a lot of corporations, would you prefer to have less return on your investments? People complain about CEO salaries, these are comparable to football, do you want a "Manning " as the quarterback of your company or would you prefer "Ponder". These companies have to compete against one another, I want the best people in charge of the companies I am invested in. We all succeed when business is booming in America. Corporations are held by everyday people also (retire

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Jan-14-14 1:35 AM

Agreed 100%.

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