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Obamacare economy

December 26, 2013

News flash: President Barack Obama believes in Santa Claus. We can think of no better explanation for his press conference, the last of the year, on Friday....

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Dec-31-13 5:40 PM

So, the article on which these posts are based started out, "Obama believes in Santa Clause."

And, I believe in President Obama.

Check it out:

Dow hits all-time super-high of 16,576. Up 27%! Biggest gain since 1995! Almost 20 years!

S&P up 30%!

NASDAQ goes bonkers!

Most importantly, the biggest advances were in the consumer discretionary segment--up 41%! (JR, please note and be prepared to discuss.)


This in:

President Obama just announced that he's giving new Cadillacs to every CEO to thank them and to commemorate his saving the auto industry.

GOPpers continue to sulk, preferring to focus on unemployment numbers, but not the unemployed. Bill O'Reilly publishes new book, "Killing Good News About the Recovery". MIT speaks through a third-party source, stating, "Santa Claus is a do-gooder leftist commie Marxist, and his craven elves are all immoral gays. And, don't get me started on the reindeer."

And with that...Happy New Year t

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Dec-30-13 11:22 PM

MIT: You're welcome.

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Dec-30-13 6:34 PM

JR: Ya' gotta' fight fire with fire.

The stock market has little to do with the health of the whole economy. It mainly reflects the profitability of a few mega-corps. However, it is major barometer of the direction of things.

But, keep quoting FOX facts, JR. They're fun to banter back and forth. It's like watching a drug addict shoot up. (Whoops, sorry, that's a MITism.)

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Dec-30-13 9:46 AM

Sven, you raise the point of relevance and yet you have been the one that has been touting the stock market as proof of how great the economy is doing. Of the two the unemployment rate is much more important to truly gauge how things are going. The unemployment trend during Obama's entire presidency is been horrible. His job stimulus measures have failed. You can try to deflect these facts by making your usual Fox News references but it changes none of the facts.

As for extending unemployment benefits, the Republicans are willing to talk about extending them but they only want to know where the money is going to come from to pay for them. The Democrats don't have a plan nor do they seem to care (as usual) just how things are going to get paid for. So you can scapegoat the Republicans all you want if it makes you feel better but once again the truth tells a different story.

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Dec-29-13 6:22 PM

There are a lot of job opportunities out there, just many times it's not what that particular person wants to do or doesn't pay as much as they feel their worth. Maybe I should go on unemployment because I WANT to make MILLIONS playing professional sports. My point, sometimes you have to do things you don't necessarily enjoy, for potentially less money than you're worth to get to a better opportunity down the road. Common sense, I know, but seems to be lost to many on the both far left AND right!! Cut the benefits and go get a darn job.

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Dec-28-13 11:07 PM

Avoice: You're having a little trouble understanding my point-of-view. I'm not bragging about any unemployment numbers. My JR/Fox example was a parody, trying to point out the idiocy of quoting numbers out of context.

My quoting a Bush unemployment number of 7.8% in January of 2009 is totally irrelevant, as is an Obama number of 7.0% in November of 2013.

Got it?

But don't feel bad, MIT got all bothered in his britches about my comparison too.

What is important is how we got into this economic mess and how we get out. What won't we ever, ever, ever do again? (Hint: Let banks run wild.) What worked in getting us out? And what will work in the future? Fox "numbers" may or may not be true, but they are spurious a large percentage of the time.

I say there was too little stimulus. I say that beating up on the unemployed is reprehensible. I say President Obama saved our hinders. I say The Maverick and The MItt would have made of mess of things.

Yup. I do.

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Dec-28-13 7:29 PM

Svensota likes to brag about the employment numbers for which he is factually right. From Nov 2012 the number of employed people increased 1.1 Million(143.3 Million to 144.4 million) which is great. The number of unemployed(those looking for work and collecting benefits) went from 12.0 Million to 10.9 million which is also great. But the number of people not in the labor force(benefits ended or just stopped looking for work) went from 88.9 million to 91,3 million which means 2.4 million were dropped from the labor force. This administration believes in the old accountants axiom - figures lie and liars figure.

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Dec-28-13 7:08 PM

Svensota - you just can't take the truth when your own people agree(more than likely proposed it so they could blame somebody - u got the mantra - fact check it next time) to what was put into the negotiated budget. If that is what you want to keep saying, then I can say your people and you took the veterans cost of living allowances away in the budget. If you are from Massachusetts, you would get $942 per week($23 per 40 hour work week) or Connecticut of $594 per week($14 per 40 hour work week)Why should you look for a job when you can sit on your arsh and light up a Camel? The real problem is where is the money to pay benefits coming from - Oh yes, just add it to the Debt. Dems use the credit card method(wonder if (seems the are able hack the code to duplicate). ;<)

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Dec-28-13 5:41 PM

Avoice-You speak with the usual Fox forked tongue, as if Republicans were somehow in favor of extending long term unemployment benefits. Nothing could be further from the truth--but you tired, knowing full well the Republican position on unemployment benefits--which is to curtail, cut and eliminate whenever and however possible.


But, not to worry, when the house reconvenes you GOPpers will have to face your fellow Americans, and those benefits will be reinstated, or you will pay the political price.

I apologize to everyone for using the figure of 1,000,000 unemployed losing benefits. The real number is 1,300,000--but, what's the diff, right?

Who cares as long as it's not you?

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Dec-28-13 9:08 AM

Svensota - you forget the other half of the budget negotiations was Senator Patty Murray (D). While you castigate the Republicans, your party will desert you every time they try to get a chance to blame it on someone else.

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Dec-28-13 9:04 AM

GopherState - not all employees work to earn the respect of their employer. Many employees like the work they do and enjoy doing so but cannot respect the people who are the employer.

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Dec-28-13 4:02 AM

I would say that the same applies to many manufacturing jobs. Hopefully, Kraft will hire more people again and once again return to the numbers that they once employed, but we all know that there is no indication of that. Again, I would not favor extending benefits, I would start retraining their employees from the beginning.

If there still isn't employment, I would have to lean to some sort of extension. The last thing that this economy needs is for hard working people on hard times to be foreclosing on their houses. Nobody wins in that situation.

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Dec-28-13 3:58 AM

I think it depends, MT. Some industries are only in a temporary lull, such as what construction went through. Things seem to be picking up now. If all these skilled craftsmen find other careers, there will be a shortage of skilled people to fill those jobs. We are seeing that now. We lost a lot of good construction workers, since you still will find it extremely difficult to raise a family on unemployment if you need to start paying your health care insurance premiums. Now companies are having a hard time finding good people that don't mind hard work. Had unemployment not been extended, we would be in a worse situation right now.

If you are a TV repair man, I would say that you are in a dying career and I would favor retraining over extended benefits.

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Dec-27-13 11:04 PM

MT, my employer pays into unemployment insurance so that when he has no work for me (which hasn't happened in many years, fortunately) I don't lose my house and my family doesn't end up on the streets. What would that do to the economy?

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Dec-27-13 11:01 PM

Avoice, respect is earned. Not all employers have earned it.

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Dec-27-13 10:46 PM

It's that time of year...

And, a special shout-out to GOPpers and Tea Party Cowboys who are responsible for shutting down unemployment benefits for 1,000,000 desperate fellow Americans.

That'll show those lazy bums.

Nice timing, too!

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Dec-27-13 10:26 PM

(The following is a chapter taken out of The J.R./FOX Book of Statistical Nonsense)


Current unemployment is vastly lower now than when Bush was President!

The last month Bush was in office (January 2009) unemployment was at 7.8% and soaring! GASP!

Current unemployment (November 2013) under fabulous President Obama is a low, low, low 7.0 and falling. YEAH!

Therefore, Obama is the far superior guardian of the U.S.economy. WHOOPIE!

Yes, by all means, let's "here" your fix, JR, whatever that means.

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Dec-27-13 6:03 PM

By the way, I was in healthcare where your goal was to heal the patient, not harm them.

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Dec-27-13 6:00 PM

Turbo75 with your being in the business for many years, you should know insurance is where you "buy"(pay premiums) into a risk pool with many others to avert a catastrophic monetary loss. That is why you have the underwriter professionals projecting what occurrences will happen and what funds will be needed to cover those losses. You are not taking advantage of your neighbor who may incur cancer but helping that person being a part of the pool to sharing the cost.

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Dec-27-13 5:37 PM

Avoice, please provide us with this education, and be advised I was in the insurance business for 30yrs.

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Dec-27-13 4:41 PM

Gopherstate and MCW - generalities and talk are very cheap but hard facts, not anecdotal gossip, are proof. Yes, I will have to agree there maybe instances of cash "under the table" but they are not the reputable people you want to do business with but we have more people looking for that "cheap costing project" and will engage such a company. You can double the pay of those with the troubles you mention but all that means they only have to work half the time so they can fuel their bad habits. Present me with a sober, responsible hard worker and he will be paid accordingly. Too man of our current workers have not been taught to be responsible when working and to respect their employer.

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Dec-27-13 3:45 PM

There are many republicans that want higher unemployment. When corporations have relatively unlimited numbers of people to fill positions, people don't demand much. They don't ask for raises, they don't use all their vacation days because they are afraid that the company will realize that they can survive without that person. They don't report injuries, they generally work harder for less.

This is the same reason why we aren't seeing any real immigration reform. Plenty of businesses are enjoying the cheap "cash under the table" labor that they are receiving, particularly in states like Texas.

I know of a few employers that pay near minimum wage for manual labor. They can't find people that can show up and don't have a drug problem, so they don't do drug tests because they would lose half their employees. The company that I just referenced is owned by a hedge fund that is only interested in cheap labor.

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Dec-27-13 3:39 PM

Destroying a building happens much quicker than rebuilding it.

The same applies to an economy. The Republican leadership wasn't finished destroying it when they handed over the keys to the White House. It would have continued to deteriorate and we would have likely experienced a full-blown depression had McCain and even worse, Romney been elected.

The only thing we missed out on is how much better the economy would be if another Clinton was in the White House for the past 6 years.

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Dec-27-13 2:21 PM

Turbo75 - your post reflects your need for an intensive need for education in insurance and it's operation.

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Dec-27-13 8:53 AM


I do realize where the unemployment rate is today. We should all stand and give Obama an ovation because it only took him about 5 years to get the unemployment rate down to where it was when he took office. I'll spare you a response -that's all Bush's fault !!!

I was speaking to his first term previously. You know that time where the unemployment rate hit double digits (Bush's fault !!!) And, where it stayed above 8% for nearly four years (Bush's fault !!!) Face it, Obama has done nothing to fix the economy - take your pick: A.Bush's Fault, B. Republicans Fault, C.Tea Party's Fault.

Please note nothing in the above can be considered to be Obama's fault because after all he is a Democrat and as a Democrat being personally responsible is not part of their character.

How can we ever get behind a guy who doesn't understand what it means to be responsible ? Obama does have two endearing qualities: he gives a good speech and he points his finger toward others...

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