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Black Friday creep

November 13, 2013

Black Friday seems to be gaining ground as one of the nation’s leading holidays, right up there with Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving, and second only, perhaps, to Super Bowl Sunday....

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Nov-22-13 11:18 PM

Sorry Integrity, I've been swamped lately and haven't had a lot of time to spend here. Certainly, they are want items (although I would love to see Cash Wise offer a cart full of groceries for doorbuster prices). Point is, why can't we just have Black Friday deals on Black Friday?

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Nov-22-13 7:13 AM

MCW: I also agree with your comment about shopping the other stores!! That was my point from my 1st comment, don't choose to go to the stores that you disagree with and reward the ones you do agree with. It's a consumer choice. Agreed.

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Nov-22-13 7:11 AM

MCW: Can you just simply answer the question and I will rest my case: are the block-buster deals that people are rushing out on Thanksgiving to buy "need" items or "want" items? Milk, eggs, cheese, etc. OR flat screen TV's, tablets, playstations, ipods, digital cameras, etc?? I will be done and you can keep on blaming everyone else in society for society's problems.

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Nov-21-13 8:40 AM

Once again you've missed the boat MCW. Re-read the part of government greed and how their tax schemes squash the middle class. If they wouldn't be so greedy the folks who work at Walmart wouldn't need assistance or collection jars. Your selective memory problems seem to be getting worse.

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Nov-21-13 7:10 AM

Menard's, Runnings, and all the good small business store owners in this town realize that family is important and will not be open on Thanksgiving. Hat's off to them. Be sure to shop them in the next few weeks in support.

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Nov-21-13 7:09 AM

JReader, then it is true that you support the government (and your taxes) subsidizing the low wages of Walmart employees. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Either Walmart supports their workers, or your taxes do. I see you've made your choice.

On the bright side, Walmart is now setting out collection boxes in at least one store for customers to donate food to their employees who cannot afford to buy food. Oh, the American Dream at its finest! I wonder if the Walsons ever drop off a can of soup.

Integrity, these stores know that people will come out whenever and wherever to get these door buster sales. This isn't driven by the consumers, it is driven by the executives. Nobody is asking these stores to open on Thanksgiving, they are being told that the good deals are on Thanksgiving, if you want them, come get them.

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Nov-20-13 10:04 AM


It has been proven time and time again that our government doesn't need to be so greedy by collecting taxes they don't deserve and turning around and spending the money frivolously.

I realize this is concept you just can't get your head around - corporations don't exist for the sole purpose of paying some contrived livable wage. They exist to make a profit. I know profit is a dirty word for you. If people don't like the deplorable wages offered by Walmart they should never apply.

You and I are quite different. I'd rather not see my tax dollars wasted on somebody who makes no effort to go out and get a job. I'd much rather see it go to someone who has a job and still needs some help. At least they are making an effort to better their lives. I know liberals like yourself have a hard time understanding the idea of a work ethic. You have this maligned notion that somebody deserves something just for showing up.

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Nov-20-13 8:15 AM

MCW: I must have missed the advertised specials for milk, eggs, cheese, etc. The items you talk of, you yourself said "want". My point is to look at the "need" part of life in relation to these deals and when they are offered. Prioritize as a human being: save $100 on a flat screen tv that I "want" or spend time with my family on Thanksgiving. If the consumers don't show up to buy the great deals, the stores won't find it necessary to be open. I "want" many things, doesn't mean I'm willing to sacrifice other points of my life for them. Check the Walmart worker's lifestyles that are on assistance, I bet you find quite a few "wants" vs "needs".

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Nov-19-13 10:45 PM

JReader, clearly you don't mind YOUR tax dollars subsidizing the workforce of Walmart, but I do. I am sick an tired of seeing my tax dollars go to support the low wages of some of this country's richest companies. It has been proven time and time again that these companies do not need to be this greedy. Costco, Nordstrom's, etc. are fine examples of successful companies that can make money AND support their workforce with a decent wage.

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Nov-19-13 11:56 AM


Just what wage should Walmart be paying its employees ? And, why only Walmart ?

I keep hearing the term "livable wage" tossed around but all the liberals can't come to grips with a couple of basic concepts. First, wages are not set by some livability standard. They are set by what skills you bring to the job. The better your skills the better your pay. You (the individual) are in the driver's seat in determining your own skill set. Second, maybe just maybe our government should look at the other side of the equation for a change. Look at the livable piece of the livable wage argument. Most all of the tax increases imposed by our government get funneled down to consumers. To a business a tax is nothing more than a cost of doing business. When their costs go up they pass it on to those who buy their products. This basic concept is something liberals can never grasp. If everything didn't cost so much maybe a wage offered by Walmart would be more livable.

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Nov-18-13 10:16 PM

Walmart should pay their workers a wage that would keep them off of government services. The workers need to demand more of their employer. They just won a huge judgement from the NLRB, which is a step in the right direction.

As to blaming the consumers for shopping on Thanksgiving, it isn't the consumers that asked for it. If you absolutely want the doorbuster specials, you either have to go when the store is offering them or miss out. I would rather wait until Friday if there was something that was a great deal, but if I wait that long, the deal is gone. I blame the executives that control these companies.

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Nov-18-13 12:30 PM

Ok Gopher,

Should all of those Wally World employees just quit so they can get their full free ride from our government ?

I give folks that are out there and trying much more credit than the ones doing nothing while expecting the government just to take care of them.

Besides, don't those Wally World workers pay taxes too ? I guess that doesn't count for anything in your world.

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Nov-18-13 8:43 AM

How about this for casting blame for this situation: ourselves for creating and supporting a materialistic society that prioritizes the newest I-phone and flat TV above everything else. I'm sure I'll get Disagreed because no one wants to admit (I am somewhat guilty as well) this. If we didn't prioritize the materialistic nature of these sales (I need that TV, etc) then the sales wouldn't have as much influence, therefore there wouldn't be as much traffic, which wouldn't be a benefit to being open on Thanksgiving for a retailer. Start with yourself and downsize this Christmas, on principle alone. Give money to a child's college fund instead, or take your spouse out for a night in the city instead of that newest, biggest TV for a rock-bottom price, on Thanksgiving.

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Nov-17-13 5:22 PM

Taxpayers shell out billions a year in public subsidies to Wally World employees. I think every good American is protesting Walmart right now.

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Nov-17-13 5:13 PM

GS, I don't think it is the workers as much as it is the union organizers and their buddy unions who are doing the protesting.

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Nov-16-13 7:42 PM

Keep an eye on Walmart. They are starting to see worker strikes all over the country. People are starting to band together like they did during the labor movement.

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Nov-16-13 7:41 PM

I still blame the retailers. If you wait until Friday at 6:00 a.m., the doorbusters will be gone. They put the consumers in the tough position of standing their ground and paying more, or going along with what they disagree with just to get the better price.

I think it would be funny if an entire store's employees refused to show up until 5:00 a.m. with no advance notice.

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Nov-15-13 10:18 PM

You are a thoughtful and sensitive guy, JR.

I hope your turkey is moist and buttery and your wine crisp and oakey and your yams firm and savory.

Bless you and yours and all mankind.

And, let Puke73 clean up the kitchen.

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Nov-14-13 10:13 AM

Yes Sven, the government can fix all of our problems. Just look, this administration spent 900 million to train TSA screeners to better pick out suspicious people. The only problem is when they later tested it they discovered that random chance was more effective than the 900 million dollar "skills" they were taught.

900 million would buy a lot of turkeys for the poor and destitute.

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Nov-14-13 9:41 AM

I do not trust the Federal government stepping in on anything. I think the Wednesday idea is a good one, but have you ever been to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. No one really is forced to go shopping. Some people make it a day to spend with sisters and daughters and then have LUNCH . MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT SHOPPING.

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Nov-13-13 10:23 PM

This is where the Federal government should step in and fix everything and make it work more perfectly for the benefit of everyone.

No kidding. I would trust Speaker Bonehead and Congress to handle such a task. I say we start with a $20 billion dollar fact-finding fund and a new Department of Turkey Day Affairs.

It should be noted, however, that the government will not sanction people fooling around. That comes under the authority of a special congressional oversight committee which has in-depth expertise in such activities.

Oh, and another thing. Clearly, you'll be able to keep your old Turkey Day, if you want.

(Just foolin' ya'. I had my fingers crossed.)

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Nov-13-13 1:34 PM

Retailers need to stop blaming the consumers - people line up because they know the doors are opening. Whether they open at 8pm Thanksgiving Day or 5am the day after, the customers will STILL show up.

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Nov-13-13 9:50 AM

Black Friday just needs to be re-branded with a couple of minor changes. Let's call it "Leftovers Day" and fill it with more football games. Just make Saturday the national retailing day - call it "Shoppers Saturday" and let people stand in line for six hours for their beloved flat screen TV's and waffle irons.

For me, Cyber Monday is getting more appealing each year. No standing in line in cold weather, stampeding crowds, and limited quantities.

To each their own I guess.

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Nov-13-13 2:57 AM

We'll have to ask the media for that. One of the reasons Black Friday is so big is because the media makes it that way. If only the day after Thanksgiving wasn't such a slow news day.

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