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What experts not selling turbines say

October 1, 2013

To the editor: Travis Clendenen’s September 27 letter to the editor saddens me. He claims by placing 500-foot-tall industrial wind turbines all around my neighbors home’s we will all benefit....

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Oct-05-13 2:30 PM

Actually, we can proactively turn on fossil fuel powered Gas Turbine Generators relatively fast. Soon after they are started, HRSG units will have enough energy to run steam turbines. The combination makes for a relatively efficient peaking plant.

Wind power isn't the answer to all our energy needs, but it should be a noticeable amount of the mix.

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Oct-05-13 12:12 AM

"When fossil fuel plants are turned off they are not pumping CO2 into our atmosphere, they get shut off when the wind blows." Although it sounds good, which makes people feel good, this claim isn't really logistically feasible. 1. A fossil fuel plant can't be shut down then quickly fired up when the wind stops blowing. 2. We don't have infrastructure in place to store electricity generated by wind turbines. 3. We can't proactively fire up fossil fuel generators to align with reductions in wind generation because it's unpredictable.

Unfortunately, we have made things so easy for ourselves that we have lost sight of how things really work and what it takes to meet our electrical demand. If the solution was as simple as flipping a switch we could all live contently with our heads buried in the sand. Unless people are willing to sit in the dark while the base load electric generators respond to the weather, there is no reduction in CO2.

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Oct-04-13 7:58 PM

"Creation Worshipers"? Really Kristi?

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Oct-04-13 12:17 PM

When fossil fuel plants are turned off they are not pumping c02 into our atomsphere. They get shut off when the wind blows and electricity is produced from wind turbines. No the wind doesn't blow 24/7 but when it does and we use turbines it's being produced cleanly. Pretty straight forward unless of course you are trying to view the world with your head stuck in the sand.

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Oct-04-13 10:54 AM

Thank you for stating facts about the destructive nature of wind energy instead of repeating the fear-mongering creation worshippers that pretend wind has benefits to people, the natural environment and society. Only those directly benefitting financially and those who have not examined any of the facts surrounding industrial wind are supportive. Wind is a net financial drain from rural MN despite money flowing from all rate payers to a few locals. Wind does not reduce CO2 because it does not replace fossil fuel plants - it can't. There has never been a coal plant closed due to installing wind turbines anywhere on the planet. MN's mandate for wind is based on ZERO scientific studies - yes ZERO. The 'cars and building kill more birds' is a distraction directly from the wind lobby hand-book. Industrial wind has no benefit to the environment or society - buildings and cars are a benefit to people. Wind is the intersection of fake environmentalist lunatics and Wall Street banksters.

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Oct-03-13 12:02 AM

Mr. Post is an unreliable commenter on wind energy. He is personally deeply opposed to wind energy on the ridgelines of his home state and has an overreliance on nuclear as a solution for energy.

Study after study around the world has shown wind energy to have the lowest impacts on birds and other wildlife of any form of utility-scale generation. Global warming and pollution from fossil fuels are the big threats, along with habitat destruction related to fossil fuels. A little care in siting is all that's required.

Credible studies from grid management organizations and the Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory -- with its history of 13 Nobelists and 51 Presidential Science Fellows -- show that wind energy reduces 99.8% of fossil fuel CO2 with every MWH that it generates. Wind energy is a direct answer to having electricity and slowing global warming.

Full debunkings of virtually every anti-wind myth are available at the barnardonwind blog.

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Oct-01-13 11:58 PM

Just another case of not in my back yard. Same BS came around when New Ulm considered its own wind farm. Pathetic

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Oct-01-13 5:28 PM

Many more birds are killed by vehicle strikes than by wind turbines. To follow your logic we should more sooner ban all motor vehicles than wind turbines if we are truly concerned about the prospect of species becoming extinct.

Just another case of NIMBY.

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Oct-01-13 3:42 PM

Please explain why you were not opposed to the CAPX2020 powerline when it went across your neighbors fields. I would venture to guess that you didn't care because it was not close to where you live. You don't care about your neighbors nearly as much as you claim.

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Oct-01-13 11:49 AM

....the FWS has many dedicated people, but their good work is completely diminished because the upper levels of this agency are corrupt and ill-equipped to manage wildlife. These turbines are such prolific killers that in time they will be the reason for the extinction of several species of birds and bats. This is exactly why all tax credits and wind projects should cease until bird safe turbines are put into production.

In a few short years hundreds of bald eagles will also be killed annually by the wind industry as their self proclaimed "green" wind projects move into the wetlands of America. I expect the FWS will help to hide this slaughter as well.

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Oct-01-13 11:48 AM

Wind turbines are Wall Street's and the wind industry's idea of a solution to climate change. There is just one problem, it is a lie. Wind turbines are a highly destructive, and a very expensive non-solution.

The wind industry has killed thousands of eagles but the public has only heard about a fraction of these deaths. Anyone that tries to diminish this impact with comparisons to windows, cars and other sources of energy is a complete fool because wind industry hides most of their mortality with fraudulent/rigged studies. Therefore there can never be any proper evaluation of these projects.

As it is the wind industry's rigged studies are hiding over 90% of their mortality. These studies are only being accepted because the FWS has "voluntary regulations for the wind industry. In other words they are covering for them.

I also want to make this very clear..........I do understand that the FWS has many dedicated people, but their good work is completely diminished because the

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