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Walz opposes Farm Bill split

July 11, 2013

WASHINGTON D.C. — Congressman Tim Walz strongly opposes plans by Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to split the nutrition and agriculture portions of the omnibus Farm Bil....

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Jul-13-13 1:03 PM

I can understand why we need food stamp programs and other programs to help people who need the help. I do not understand why we need a farm bill program. Our farmers are earning plenty. There is no assistance of this magnitude for any other business that doesn't have to pay the government back. The corn program is subsidized from the beginning to the end where it is put into our fuel and then that business is subsidized again.

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Jul-12-13 6:30 PM

Can you quantify just what a "good paying factory job" equates to ?

And while you're at it just what goes into a "comfortable life" these days ? How many cars, flat screen TV's, boats, smart phones, etc. goes into having a qualified comfortable life ?

Could it be that for some people they just need to learn how to live within their means ? CEO's have always made a lot of money. Most all of what they earn is based on incentives. If the company they run does well they get rewarded.

If you don't like what you're getting paid start your own business. I realize it's much easier to complain about your place in life rather than make the effort to change it. Too many people today seem to have that problem. That's one reason we so many more people looking for handouts like food stamps.

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Jul-12-13 7:22 AM

Those who can, do. Those who can do it better, teach. Those who can't do or teach become politicians.

If you haven't figured out the $174,000 a year salaried Walz by now, nothing I say will likely sway your opinion. His efforts for Veterans have been admirable. Other than that, he is a Carhart wearing good ole' boy at home and an inside the beltway faithful voter in Washington. His S.T.O.C.K. Act was gutted by the D.C. establishment, allowing them to do what they have always done and leaving us believing that they aren't. He is opposed to this split because he has been told to be opposed to it, period!

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Jul-12-13 3:03 AM

Well, you got the corporatists' desire for slave labor right.

Do you have evidence to support your claim that Congressman Waltz failed at being a teacher?

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Jul-11-13 11:33 PM

The answer is clear. Get as many people as possible addicted to government handouts, and then corporatists have slave labor and a ready made customer base as far as the eye can see. If you are working, but qualify for food stamps, obamacare, earned income credits and subsidized whatever, then we are just one step away from single payer health care, single employer, single food supplier, etc., etc., etc.

Keep voting for failed teachers like Tim Walz and he will take us all to the promised land. The tolerance for failure in this country is truly stunning.

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Jul-11-13 7:12 PM

The reliance on food programs has increased with income gap between the richest and poorest Americans. The average CEO now makes as much in one day as he pays his average workers for the whole year.

Good paying factory jobs where hard work can help you raise a family and live a comfortable life are almost nonexistent.

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Jul-11-13 4:07 PM

By definition, anything that needs to be subsidized is not standing on its own merits.

I love the picture with this article. It looks like he is auditioning for "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

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Jul-11-13 2:50 PM

At last count there were about 75+ food programs, not counting the local food banks, providing for nutrition in one form or another. Lets combine all the programs and see what is contained in the "food programs" and see what is working or not working. I am not for people to go hungry but I am wanting programs to do what they say they are doing. Let each program - nutrition and farm subsidies, stand on their own merits.

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Jul-11-13 8:11 AM

It's not a crime to be hungry, it's just common sense that if you can't afford to provide food and care for your child, then maybe you should wait to have them or have responsibility to not have an accidental. Again, politicians using the "children" as their pawn to push their agenda through instead of tackling the entire assistance program in general and try to get people off of assistance instead of giving them more assistance because they need it. "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for his lifetime"

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