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Confront the fossil fuel industry

May 27, 2013

To the editor: The large amount of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases in the atmosphere resulting from burning fossil fuels has created a warmer planet and an atmosphere which can hold mor......

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May-30-13 12:12 AM

MIT: Last I heard, Mr. Hominem, this is an opinion column, not a high school debate forum.

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May-29-13 2:47 PM

MT-that was not an "Ad hominem attacks", seemed more like an observation. And you said "Whoever uses this argument is afraid of where a continuation of scientific inquiry would lead." So you speak for every scientist who has said that a concessus should be accepted? Wow, since you get so mad when someone says something like that about all christians your hypocrisy shines thru like a beacon. And MT that is not namecalling-it is scientific observation with provable examples.

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May-28-13 9:39 PM

Caution #3: Read MIT posts and marvel at MIT-World.

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May-28-13 1:54 PM

Yes, that is true. The bad people in China should be given a stern warning and told to play fair. Many residents of New Ulm are unaware that the sky is blue, as well, and they should be admonished for drinking inebriating beverages in disreputable places and falling on their faces. If we are really concerned about the color of the sky, we should express our concerns to the proper authorities at up-and-coming bars and grills. That is also why I firmly believe in the tooth fairy; because he maintains pristine hygiene unlike those who are unaware.

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May-28-13 12:49 PM

The air and water qualities in the US are pristine compared to many other parts of the world. Some of the up-and-coming industrial nations (e.g. China) pollute to a much greater degree than the US companies ever did. Residents of China cities are even unaware that the sky is supposed to be blue. If we are really concerned about pollution, the rest of the world needs to be too, or our concerns are of little consequence.

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May-28-13 10:34 AM

The free market is great. Because if there is one thing that companies like Koch, BP and others are known for is their care for the environment.

Why would old coal power plants without scrubbers, billowing black smoke, have found any incentive to clean up their emissions were it not for clean air legislation?

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May-28-13 5:28 AM

I'm not too much of a believer in man made global warming and find climate change more cyclical and mostly out of human control. Not all climate scientic agree on the affects of AGW, though I find that they are poo-pooed by many who are the prevalent at the moment. I do like alternative energies and find them empowering for the independent individual(s). Just let the free market rule and can keep government out. I find that Govenment does NOT know what is best most of the time.

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May-27-13 3:16 PM

Comparing what the majority of scientists believe data proves today to one article from almost 40 years ignores everything learned in that time. A 1969 UPI news story “Scientists Caution on Changes In Climate as Result of Pollution” reported that scientists were discussing the threat of man-made global warming. In 1974 the NY Times ran "“Forecast for Forecasting: Cloudy" discussing global cooling due to aerosols, global warming from CO2, and the debate among scientists as to which may prevail. In August 1975 the NYT ran “Warming Trend Seen in Climate" which said the then present cooling trend would be reversed as more and more CO2 enters the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. They have since reached consensus on global warming.

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May-27-13 1:33 AM

Whats a category 5 tornado? I know what an EF5 tornado and a cat 5 hurricane are, but a cat 5 tornado! Must be a cross between a hurricane and tornado. Yup we all screwed. Niw i suppose mikeT is gonna hope on here and tell us to repent the gays sins and blah blah blah. I know lets blame political parties! I love trying to solve the worlds problems?

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May-27-13 12:42 AM

So why did aan April 28, 1975 article in Newsweek blame a severe outbrak of tornados on "GLOBAL COOLING" what has changed?

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