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Don’t sweep IRS scandal under rug

May 19, 2013

Rest assured that if liberal political organizations had been harassed last year by the Internal Revenue Service, heads would have rolled, on President Barack Obama's orders....

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May-28-13 9:23 AM

JR-I am not making excuses for Obama, but when hypocrites attack one president for something that was not his fault and hold him to to a standard that they refuse to hold other presidents to, then I do speak out. It is not a matter of keeping score but looking at the situation in historical perspective. Something you and many others refuse to do. I have watched the editorials for many years, how many letters to the editor did you write after the 11 embassy attacks under Bush? Only you can answer the question of why these 4 killed now deserve so much of your time while the previous 57 deserved nothing. All I ask is that you hold obama to the same standard you held bush. If that is defending him, then so be it.

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May-25-13 2:01 PM

JR: You are, no doubt, a good and decent man who cares deeply about his country and those who lead it.

However, the ongoing agenda of the semi-loyal opposition it to create doubt and controversy wherever possible, however possible.

The Benghazi Tragedy is one thing. The Benghazi Fake Scandal is quite another.

In the parlance of the The Great "W" Administration, they were "sustainable losses".

The more the GOPpers beat this one, the dumber they look to the mass of voters.

So, by all means, carry on.


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May-25-13 9:45 AM


There you go trying to "think" for me again. I suggest you do a little better job trying to think for yourself.

All lives lost in embassy attacks are horrible. It doesn't matter who was president is when they happen. Why does "who was president" matter so much to you ? Why is keeping score on a death count such a big deal to you ?

Any time attacks occur questions should be raised as to why they occured and what can be done to insure the safety of our people.

Why do you keep making excuses for Obama ? He needs to answer the "why" and the "what" just as Bush did any any other previous president with the misfortune of having an embassy attacked during their time in office.

What makes Obama exempt from this type of scrutiny ?

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May-24-13 10:45 AM

JR-so if you are driving 56 mph and get a speeding ticket while every one else is driving at 90mph and they don't you are fine with that because it doesn't matter? So a mob of people gather outside the embassy and start getting violent-Obama is told it might be due to an anti-muslim video, within 4 hours american troops are on hand and the next day he calls it an act of terror. So tell me JR,what would you have done? And BTW, to the families of the 57 embassy workers killed on bush's watch, it matters every day.

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May-24-13 7:24 AM

You must first have a brain in order for it to be washed. I'm just sayin'

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May-23-13 3:27 PM

JR: Nah. Romney's dad was the one who was brainwashed. Not us progressive, liberal, pinko, Euro-socialistic boogiemen...and women.

Near as I can tell the score is...oh...about 900 to two or three, or so. So, of course, it doesn't matter.

I will, however, confess that I am breathlessly awaiting further word on whether or not the Administration thought it was a movie protest.

That, and the upcoming 6-part Foxy News report on the looming Senate dining room scandal: "Margarine or butter, America demands answers from Obama's corrupt communist cafeteria committee. Stay tuned!!!" (Followed by lots of spooky Halloween sounds.)

And, on and on...and on.

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May-23-13 10:13 AM


Of course I care what happened. Nice attempt putting words in my mouth. It was a terrible thing that happened. It most likely would have happened if we'd had someone from that "other" party as president too.

The question remains, though. Why did the adminstration think it was a movie protest ? Did they really not know; or were they trying to make it seem more of a spontaneous and isolated event rather than a planned and coordinated terrorist attack ? And, as it now turns out it was a planned terrorist attack. Why didn't we have more of a clue as to it happening ?

You guys are so brainwashed regarding your party affiliation. It's really a shame. It doesn't matter that there were more embassy attacks during Bush's term. You guys think that keeping score somehow creates relevancy. Perhaps the things learned from the Bush years regarding embassy security has created an environment that makes them less likely to happen today. That's the takeaway from Bengah

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May-22-13 11:37 PM

Advise/Avoice: Refresh my memory. Was the Obama/Romney election the one you thought was stolen? The only election that I recall being stolen was the 2000 Bush/Gore debacle, spearheaded by the right-wing Supremes.

If so, your belief that the election was stolen from Romney comes as wonderful news to me. And, I'd love to hear more of your insightful thinking on the subject.

Thank you.

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May-22-13 10:26 PM

svensota, I guess you must be really old since the last election was the Obama/Romney election - slight case of oldtimers inabilty to remember? Maybe the sun has bleached(fried) too much.

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May-22-13 4:45 PM

JR- so just to set the record straight-you just did not like what obama said after the benghazi attack? Good to know you care more about what was said than what happened-so now why are you not calling for bush to be arrested after his 900+ lies that got us into Iraq? Or his ineppitude that got 57 american embassy workers killed. Oh, thats right, it was what he said after than means more than american lives.

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May-22-13 3:12 PM

Sorry, JR. "Avoice" became "Advise".

True sign of old age.

I'm taking a rest, now, too.

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May-22-13 3:09 PM

JR: For the record, my Bush/Gore comment was directed to Avoice, not you.

Here it is in total, since you have a lot of trouble either reading correctly, or thinking of anyone other than your own wonderful self:

"Advise: You're referring to the Bush/Gore election, I presume?" May 21 13 7:57 pm

Surprised, dude?

And, you still think you don't need a rest?

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May-22-13 2:52 PM


It wasn't the attack. It wasn't the security. He could had the money to beef up security had he not chosen to invest in solar energy companies that went belly up. None of that matters, though. It was the apparent ineptitude that transpired after the attack by our administration. Was it a movie protest mob ? No, it was a terrorist group ? Are we sure ?

After Katrina Bush screwed up big time when he reported that his guy "Brownie" reported everything was going just fine. Bush took a lot of heat for it from the media and from the left, and rightly so. "Brownie" lost his job and Homeland Security had a major overhaul.

Why can't Obama do the same ? Like I said before, bad things will happen. It's what we do about those things that really matters. In Obama's case he can't even stand up and admit a mistake. How can anything ever change or get better if he can't even do that ? In that regard he is really starting to channel Richard Nixon.

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May-22-13 2:34 PM


You weren't too complicated for anyone but yourself, dude.

In fact your comparison of the Iraq war and Bengahzi is quite simple minded. It is expecting way too much from someone with your self imposed political blindness to be able to look at any event (let alone two)with any level of objectivity.

For the record, I've never mentioned the Bush/Gore election. You are the one that needs a rest.

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May-22-13 2:09 PM

Yes, yes, Zorrom, that all may be true, but in GOPper/TP-world none of that kind of truth counts. It's more important to be indignant and accusatory and...well, just plain cranky.

Besides, the Bush screw-ups were "blessed" by Congress, so they really don't count as screw-ups.

Really, how could you not know the... difference?

But...let's move on to something of equal importance, like the declining quality of food in the Senate dining room. I'm sure that's President Obama's fault, too, and the Republican-led House should launch an inquiry ASAP.

Or, would you like to discuss the space shuttle versus toaster ovens?

I'm game.

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May-22-13 12:12 PM

JR-the request for more security was a verbal request and came at the time that the GOP cut 330 million from the embassy budget-it was the dems who fought to have the money put back in-there were 5 security personell on hand, the attack started at 9:30 with a mob outside the embassy, more american troops were there by 1am from tripoli. Now JR tell me-why are these 4 americans so important? Under bush there were 11 embassy attacks and 57 american embassy workers killed-why are they so unimportant to you? And BTW-2 independent panels concluded that bush lied over 900 times leading up to and following the invasion of Iraq-he was indicted as a war criminal-so how accurate was the information given to the Dems who voted for this?

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May-22-13 9:29 AM

Oh, and I'm sure the families of the dead care about the Benghazi cover up as well...but it was only a couple deaths, so they must not matter.

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May-22-13 9:28 AM

I just can't wait till the man he loves soooo much tramples a right or freedom he does covet and care about...maybe the rose colored glasses can finally come off?

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May-21-13 7:57 PM

JR: I guess it was too complicated for you. Best you take a rest now. And, check the ol' blood pressure. You're about to pop.

Advice: You're referring to the Bush/Gore election, I presume ? Nice going. Continue on in your happy state of doofusness.

Snivel: Surprise, surprise, surprise. Another non-sequitor.

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May-21-13 5:00 PM

I have to admit I am happy being a wacko and a doofus to see what is going on and to try correct. Better than having one's head in the sand allowing the sun to bleach their brains. svensota, as far as a Hilary administration, she will probably have to steal the election like the last one was to get elected based on her experience as SOS.

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May-21-13 2:16 PM

Relative difference Sven...???

Don't you mean significant difference ? That's like comparing the space shuttle with a toaster oven. They do both use electricity I guess.

Bush had the approval of congress to go to war in Iraq. Personnel in Libya requested and were denied additional security details. But who really needs security when the only thing that happened were a bunch of hooligans "protesting" a lousy American flick about the beloved prophet. Who would have ever thunk that these dudes bring RPG's to their movie protests ???

Yeah, relative difference...

Sven, would you be going all Faux News right now if the IRS would have been caught holding up the tax exempt status of an outfit like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or say Planned Parenthood ? Is it just because it was those Tea Party whackos that you are so nonchalant ?

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May-21-13 1:03 PM

JR: I was responding to Gopher State's whining, not yours. And, not about the IRS, but about Benghazi.

This is probably hard for you to understand, JR, but the Benghazi mess-up and the Baghdad-Bush Gulf War 2 are not equal.

I was pointing out the relative difference. I sincerely hope that wasn't too complicated of a concept for you to understand.

As to the IRS squabble, I say, it's about time they did something helpful for a change, and keep up the good work.

The only people all bunched up in their shorts about Benghazi and the IRS are the smirking heads on Faux News.

Just think, 3 1/2 more years...and then two Hillary administrations.

So, get used to it.

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May-21-13 12:24 PM

surprise surprise surprise! The same people who want gay marriage are the same ones who think we should look the other way as Obama runs ruffshod over all Americans

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May-21-13 9:44 AM

So in Sven's world two wrongs make a right. It figures he has to keep his math that simple.

If Bush screwed up this gives Obama the green light to do it too, right Sven ?

Why can't we hold both parties equally accountable ?

Doesn't anybody find it a little bothersome that senior members of the Obama adminstration knew about the Treasury report on the IRS and Obama himself had to find out when the report was released to the news media ?

It's not that bad things have or are going to happen - they do and will. It's how someone in authority responds to these events that defines both their character and leadership ability.

Explain why Obama's staff thought it was OK to leave him clueless when they themselves knew about this scathing report ?

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May-20-13 10:20 PM

Benghazi--oooooooooooooo. A real big baddy for the Obama team. Gosh.

Baghdad--4,800 American servicemen killed and multiple thousands wounded for life and at least 200,000 dead Iraqi civilians (but, hey, do they count?). Whoopie, "Mission accomplished."

Benghazi/Baghdad--Pretty much even-Steven in GOPper World.

Yeah, right.

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