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Settlement reached in civil suit involving NUPD officer in 2011 fatal crash

District Court must approve terms

March 7, 2013

NEW ULM — Settlement negotiations concluded at 6 p.....

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Aug-01-13 12:34 AM

Wow, that is fuzzy math if I've ever seen it.

How do you assume that every city pays the same premium? I would assume that New Ulm would pay a higher premium than Sleepy Eye, thus our number would be higher than $838, so the per-person amount is higher.

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Jun-21-13 9:16 AM

Now I'm wondering why Dawn has hard feet.

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Mar-28-13 12:41 PM

This is to HarrytheHenderson... Who I assume is including me in his "ladies" comment...

First of all ... I believe Dana is male 2nd... If your going to comment on my level... Of anything ... Don't hide behind a pseudo name... What are you scared of? If you don't have the balls to comment using your real name your either the cop involved or the biggest weenie that lives in NU... Which is no hard feet as there are MANY!!! You don't think I'm ladylike now??? Show your identity act like a true man/women/dog you are and see how lady like I am ...

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Mar-15-13 1:57 PM

DanaLee - What happened to your mom & Brian is tragic in every way, & I sincerely sympathize with you & your family. I can't imagine such horrific pain, but I'm confused.

Is the $133,000 reward money the blood money that you would not take? Also, I thought there was nothing more that could be done & you would not be back. Evidently, something has changed.

Your choice of words, at times, are in very poor taste. For example, "Okay, bring it mofos." will gain you little support.

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Mar-14-13 6:47 AM

The cop murdered two people and in the end, he walked. That's just not right. Anyone other than a cop that would have done this would have long ago started their jail sentence.

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Mar-13-13 8:28 PM

All I know is if it was one of my family and a cop car presumably going 70mph in a 30 collided and killed them and he wasn't absolutely positive that his lights were flashing and his sirens blaring, I'd be outraged too! I don't think $133,000 and a cop being put on medical leave is even close to being fair. I do think that the chief of police did go to the funeral in good faith though(not to intimidate that's just not his style)

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Mar-13-13 7:20 PM

Wow. That was awkward.

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Mar-13-13 2:44 PM

I'm surprised The Journal is still allowing you to make this comment section your own personal forum...I think you need to go to a mental health professional ASAP...I'm not trying to be funny, however, enough is enough...get help...your unstable!!!!!

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Mar-13-13 9:48 AM

Why is it if others reached a different conclusion than you did regarding witness testimony there has to somehow be a cover up ?

Just because you disagree with their conclusions doesn't mean there was a cover up at all. I'd have to conclude that the people on the grand jury were more objective than you are. You are looking for "something wrong" in an attempt to make sense out of this tragedy.

Nobody is going to believe your position as being unbiased and therefore credible.

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Mar-12-13 11:23 PM

I think your reaching on your viewpoint of the handshake as well as your other views on here. Since you seem to have your rather strong viewpoints here, I am going to make a guess of my own. I work in the area of the crash site and am rather confident that Garden Terrace was having work done at the time (I think roofing). In looking at the those workers, I am going to make an educated guess in that they have had encounters with Law Enforcement in the past. Take that in account as it might have been there one and only time to get back at a cop if they were the workers that provided a statement! Let me make it clear again that with the facts I have seen I am very surprised that this did not get the chance to proceed to a criminal trial, however I think you are grasping for straws here.

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Mar-12-13 10:41 PM

Dana-I lost my brother to a drunk driver hitting him head on 10+ years ago. I understand your pain but what in the world are you trying to accomplish here? Yes I was surprised with the grand jury's decision however its the decision they reached as well as the decision the City and your family made on a settlement. The Chief attends the funerals and you make a comment about him sweating? I think that was a very kind gesture on his part.

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Mar-12-13 9:08 PM

DanaLeeWichmann - You stated in one comment that your opinions are yours alone and do not relect any opinion of your family members. You said you were outvoted in regards to the settlement in the civil suit. You were the only one not to sign off according to your post. Does that mean that your family does not support the course of action you are pursuing now?

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Mar-12-13 12:53 PM

Danaleewichman, you are clearly unstable and should find help for yourself during this difficult time in your life...

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Mar-12-13 7:35 AM

I mean this with all due respect. I don't think that the officer here should have gotten off, nor do I think he should still be employed.

That being said, you need to control yourself. He is innocent in the eyes if the law. Some of the things you said could have some backlash. Don't think for a minute that the courts won't see this rant if his attorney feels that it will help his case.

That being said, my condolences to you and your family. Best wishes going forward, and remember: Cool heads will prevail.

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Mar-12-13 12:08 AM

I know I shouldn't resort to this level but lady you are crazy.... let me clarify both you ladies are crazy and I use ladies loosely

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Mar-09-13 1:17 PM

DLW Keep up the good work! This will be interesting to watch in the coming months.

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Mar-08-13 11:09 PM

To the family My family has also been "assaulted", literally by Matt Rasmussen ... His time and the NUPD time will come with our situation too... They also know what he did and have not made one effort to hold him accountable for his actions. I won't say much more as this is your chance to vent ... But my family supports you all ... I have personally spoken to Nancy and I know how much pain your family is in. Please don't let this define your lives ... His time will come

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