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ISIS is more ideology than an organization

December 29, 2015 At least President Barack Obama no longer is talking in terms of “containing” Islamic State terrorists. Finally, as he told reporters last week, he is determined to destroy the murderous horde. more »»

More backing for Kurds

December 28, 2015 To hear President Barack Obama, the United States is pouring resources into the battle against terrorism —and is winning. But it just isn’t so. more »»

Dangerous balancing act in Middle East

December 27, 2015 American troops are being used in a dangerous political balancing act by President Barack Obama. Some already may have died needlessly because of it. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

December 26, 2015 Service to Ag THUMBS UP: The New Ulm Farm-City Hub Club has honored a fitting couple with its Service to Agriculture this year. more »»

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2015 Life seems busier than in the good old days, doesn’t it? And there is so much about which to worry. more »»

Celebrate safely

December 23, 2015 It is that time of year when holiday parties pile up one after the other over the course of a couple of weeks — and many of them are held after dark and feature alcoholic beverages. more »»

Depend on ourselves for defense equipment

December 22, 2015 One wonders what President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reaction would have been had, in 1936, a federal bean counter suggested to him that taxpayers’ money could be saved by purchasing engines for U.S. more »»

Danger of military exaggeration

December 21, 2015 More than 50 military intelligence analysts have said their conclusions about battling terrorists in Syria and Iraq were altered by U.S. more »»

No impact pact

December 20, 2015 You may have heard the suggestion that if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

December 19, 2015 Stage still crowded THUMBS DOWN: Far be it from us to tell the dozen or so Republican presidential candidates what to do, but it was obvious at the CNN?debate that there are still way too many of... more »»

Terrorism is never justified

December 18, 2015 Life in Israel has been risky business during the past several months. Scores of attacks by Palestinians using guns, knives and vehicles have made it so. more »»

Decisive blows not being struck

December 17, 2015 Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq are being attacked more vigorously than ever before, as President Barack Obama emphasized Monday. more »»

Paris agreement

December 16, 2015 U.S. more »»

Secret Service in need of reforms

December 15, 2015 It should not surprise Americans that they have heard little recently about shortcomings at the Secret Service. more »»

Greater Minnesota needs state attention

December 14, 2015 The Minnesota Legislature left a lot of work on the table in its rush to adjourn last May. A lot of those things were issues that are important to greater Minnesota. more »»

The devil is in the definition

December 13, 2015 Most people would agree terrorists should not be permitted to buy guns. But what about “suspected violent extremists”? In both the U.. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

December 12, 2015 Rural growth THUMBS UP: It was interesting to hear U of?M sociologist Ben Winchester speak in New Ulm last week about what is happening in rural Minnesota. more »»

Federal transit bill

December 11, 2015 Congress has finally passed a long-term transit bill, a five-year allocation of funding to the states for transportation infrastructure and transit spending. more »»

Will Trump’s mouth finally sink him?

December 10, 2015 Donald Trump has said a lot of foul, untrue and nonsensical things during his presidential campaign. And somehow, he still leads the long list of Republican presidential candidates. more »»

Obama minimizes terrorist ideology

December 9, 2015 Islamic terrorism is a dual threat to Americans. President Barack Obama's failure to recognize that demonstrates either a disturbing naivete or a willful attempt to mislead us. more »»



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