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Excitement of watching corn grow

May 19, 2016 Sometimes while driving with my kids when they were young we played “What’s that?” As we drove past a field I would say, “What’s that?” The kid would yell out, “Corn!” We’d go a little further, and ... more »»

Keep talking, legislators

May 18, 2016 At least they are still talking. Legislators and Gov. Mark Dayton have been trading transportation plans this week. more »»

Legislature needs to keep MNCare

May 18, 2016 Before the end of the Minnesota state legislative session on May 23, there are many legislative issues that need to be addressed. Those issues include taxes, transportation and bonding projects. more »»

Germany is in big trouble

May 18, 2016 To the editor: Germany is now importing a culture, from the Middle East, that is already attempting to impose some version of Sharia Law in which there is no freedom of religion, no freedom of... more »»

Theistic Evolution

May 18, 2016 To the editor: As sequel to my March 10 and 25 letters on evolution, I would like to address the issue of “Theistic Evolution. more »»

Fund, but monitor drug programs

May 17, 2016 Most members of Congress no doubt comprehend the need for more spending on drug addiction treatment programs. more »»

Reading and language

May 17, 2016 The New Ulm Area Catholic Schools reading and language arts teachers have spent the last two years updating the curriculum and researching text series that best meet the curriculum outcomes. more »»

Identity: You become what they expect you to be

May 17, 2016 As you live and learn, you grow a thicker skin. Things that hurt in your youth (mostly) lose the ability to hurt. But once in a while I suffer a relapse. more »»

Let’s fund roads

May 16, 2016 Let’s be honest — nobody likes taxes. more »»

Who ran up all that debt?

May 16, 2016 To the editor: State Rep Paul Torkelson’s letter to the editor on May 11 is a copy of a form letter prepared by the Republican House leadershi. more »»

Trump wants to make a deal

May 16, 2016 Prior to the 2012 election, Democrats had a theory: Republicans were in the grip of a “fever” that had led them to oppose and attempt to obstruct President Barack Obama at every turn. more »»

Still time to talk about Fort Ridgely

May 15, 2016 We like to think we have a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently put it in his Gettysburg Addres. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

May 14, 2016 Long weekend THUMBS DOWN: State legslative leaders say they are going to work all weekend to hammer out a comprehensive transportation package. We hope it’s not a lost weekend. more »»

Roundabout Bobble Heads

May 14, 2016 To the editor: Last weekend as I went through the roundabout at Menards, I had the bobbleheads of Hermann the German & his old friend Reinhardt von Moltenbird on the dashboard. more »»

Thanks for Divine Mercy sign

May 14, 2016 To the editor: I would like to extend a thank you to the people and organizations that donated time and money to erect the Divine Mercy sign on the 54th North Street hill. more »»

Roads still blocked

May 13, 2016 Last week we bemoaned the lack of respect the Minnesota Legislature is giving to a comprehensive transportation bill, and to Highway 14 funding in particula. more »»

Congrats, graduates

May 12, 2016 Graduation season is upon us a little early this year. more »»

Politics and hotdish

May 12, 2016 Nothing brings people together better than a big pan of hot dish, unless it is ten pans of hot dish. more »»

New Ulm area has been invaded!

May 12, 2016 To the editor: The New Ulm Area has been invaded. The assault has quietly occurred and has been noticed by few people. The assault threatens to drastically change our woodland and urban landscape. more »»

Lift the veil on bonding bill

May 11, 2016 It is really getting to be time for the gamesmanship to end. The Minnesota legislative session is to end on May 23, just 12 days from now. more »»



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