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Time to modernize

May 27, 2016 Remember floppy disks? Back in the Pleistocene Age of computer technology, they were the storage medium for computer systems, holding hundreds of megabytes of data, about as much as a modern cell... more »»

The meaning of Memorial Day

May 27, 2016 Between the time when Robert Monroe was killed by the British at Lexington on April 19, 1775, and when Staff Sgt. Matthew McClintock was KIA in Afghanistan on Jan. 5, 2016, some . more »»

A Trump too far?

May 27, 2016 WASHINGTON — If Donald Trump prefers combatants who aren’t captured, as he once mocked John McCain, he apparently doesn’t believe in taking prisoners, either. more »»

Hold special session if it will get job done

May 26, 2016 Minnesota has been way too dependent on special sessions to get things done in the Legislature. more »»

Seasons mix, merge when it comes to sports

May 26, 2016 Well, here we are again, less than a week away from June, and the NBA?and NHL?playoffs are dragging on. In the NHL, the conference finals will be finishing up this weekend. more »»

Some good comes out of session

May 25, 2016 There’s no doubt the last hour of the Minnesota legislative session was a fiasco of trying to do too much in too little time. more »»

Resale shops are not dumps

May 25, 2016 To the editor: PLEASE... we are NOT a dumping ground! PLEASE DO NOT leave your discards behind MRCI Bargain$ or any of the other resale stores in New Ulm. more »»

Christians not imposing morality

May 25, 2016 To the editor Let us suppose that I somehow succeeded in getting the federal government to promote cannibalism, and that you object strenuously. more »»

Fly the flag, don’t sit on it

May 25, 2016 To the editor: I feel that it is a shame to see several area retailers promoting the idea that it is patriotic to park your rear body parts in a chair which appears to be made out of bits and pieces... more »»

Another failure

May 24, 2016 Our hopes for a successful last minute end to the Minnesota legislative session were dashed Sunday night. more »»

The illusion of choice

May 24, 2016 Inequalities of the American kind can come as a shock to a former Eastern European. Let me describe my starting perspective. more »»

Down to the wire

May 23, 2016 The Minnesota Legislature was hard at work on Sunday, trying to cram 11 weeks worth of work into the final 11 hours of the session. They were planning on working right to the midnight deadline. more »»

Voters wising up to Obama’s vote-buying

May 22, 2016 President Barack Obama has taken vote-buying for himself and his Democrat Party to a new high in politics. more »»

Federal wage changes: An exercise in futility

May 22, 2016 Very quietly and unceremoniously, the federal government announced a change this week that is going to have a major impact on a lot of people, including several here in Brown County. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

May 21, 2016 Time for filing THUMBS UP: It seems like campaigning for public office is a full-time, year-round, never-ending story, at least on the national leve. more »»

Clean up Marktplatz Mall bird problem

May 21, 2016 To the editor: I grew up in New Ulm. I was always proud that my hometown was so beautiful and family oriented. more »»

‘Under the gun’ produces poor laws

May 20, 2016 Minnesota legislators have developed poor work habits. They have little sense of time management. Big tasks are put off until the last minute. Communication is limited to complaining and criticizin. more »»

Background on NNU Youth program

May 20, 2016 To the editor: Thank you to The Journal for highlighting the positive experience of Network New Ulm Youth (NNUY) for juniors in the ISD 88, NUACS, MVL and River Bend education system. more »»

Zika and spending fever in Washington

May 19, 2016 Most of us recognize the danger of spur-of-the-moment spending decisions. We guard against marketing strategies intended to make us reach for our credit cards first and ask questions late. more »»

I’ll drive, thanks

May 19, 2016 Call me old fashioned, but I feel a lot more comfortable when I?see a person behind the wheel of a traveling vehicle. If I?see nobody, I get a little worried. more »»



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