To the editor:

After the events of Jan.6 in the National Capital I cannot and will not remain silent. Make no mistake about it, the President of the United States, in an act of insurrection, incited his followers to carry out the seditious acts that occurred. All of those involved must be held accountable and those in Government who enabled this to happen need to be removed from office.

To those of you who still support this morally bankrupt tyrant and indulge yourself in the absolute delusion that you are making the country great while you are betraying the values and ideals that actually do make this country great, shame on you. To those of you who wore a uniform in service to your country and looked the other way when this draft dodging coward ignored our adversary placing bounties on the lives of our troops serving in Afghanistan while supporting him, shame on you. To those of you who claim to be Christian and ignore children being locked in cages while supporting him, shame on you.

You see imagined treachery where there is none, all the while ignoring his actual treachery that is rotting away at the very foundations of American Democracy. You believe obvious lies as gospel because they validate your own prejudices and fears. You claim to tout values of morality and decency while betraying every single tenet that those virtues truly represent.

The worst part about the Trump presidency is not what we learned about Trump, it is what we have learned about some of our family and friends. For all of you who still support this man you will hopefully one day come to the realization what a horrible mistake you made. If not, then you need to do some serious self-evaluation as the behavior of the man you supported is a direct reflection on your own morals, ethics, and character.

David Nelson

Fredericksburg, VA.


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