I’m dumping my doctor

To the editor:

Last week at my annual checkup my doctor told me I had leukemia and needed treatment. I didn’t like to hear that, so I decided to ask my neighbor about it. He knows nothing about medicine, but he said I looked OK to him, so I’ve decided to ignore my doctor and go with what my neighbor said.

Thank God, none of the above paragraph is true. Nobody would act so foolishly, would they, especially when their life is at stake?

But then why do I hear people actually say, “I’m not paying any attention to Doctors Fauci or Birx. I’m a Trump supporter.” Who would you believe, Dr. Fauci, who says the virus thing will get worse but if we do something we can tame it, or Trump, who says we don’t need to do anything because it will just magically disappear? Will you believe the American Academy of Pediatrics, who report that 380,000 children now have the virus, or Trump, who says children are immune? If you choose to believe Trump, you are putting your life and that of your children into the hands of someone who has said almost nothing about the virus that is actually true.

Nor am I ready to trust any of Minnesota’s Republican state legislators who follow the Trump lead, don’t take the virus seriously, and actively, with sneaky underhanded maneuvers, try to undermine our governor who is following the best science to keep us as safe as possible. If they were in charge I shudder to think how quickly Minnesota would become Florida, where Republicans are in charge and they are adding more than 6,000 new cases a day and the death count just passed 9,000. Mindy Kimmel is a professional health worker and knows how to follow science rather than a party line. Vote for her as if your life depends on it, because it might.

Thomas Kuster

New Ulm


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