Don’t blame all cops for Floyd’s death

To the editor:

I don’t fee I am a racist as I have an extremely diverse family and each person is just another creation of God. Some may look a little different than others or beliefs may differ, but nobody notices because they’re just people you care about. That’s how the world should be.

Quit stereotyping! My motto is “All Lives Matter!”, including the millions of babies murdered by abortion and all of the persons injured or killed during these riots. Also the lives of the people who looked forward to reopening their businesses after the virus only to see their livelihoods destroyed by anarchists who wormed their way into the peaceful protests in order to accomplish their goal of destroying our country.

During shutdowns, some mayors and governors arrested people for attending church, playing ball with their kids, too many people together, etc. but now these same officials are against arresting anyone starting fires, assaulting others, destroying, rioting and looting. Chaos and lawlessness!

I am not against peaceful protests, being around during the Vietnam era and watching on TV the happenings in the war zone and protests throughout our country. Our black eye is the Kent State fiasco. No rubber bullets there! But if you were living in a socialist/communist country, you would be shot dead just for speaking out as no protests are allowed.

I wholeheartedly agree with peaceful protests in some of our states recently where some governors and mayors overstepped their boundaries, infringing on the rights and freedoms we have through our Constitution.

The killing of George Floyd was awful and should NOT have happened, but only one policeman did it and the others there should have stopped him but did not, so all four should be accountable. My problem is some signs I’ve seen such as “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bad) and “Stop Police Brutality. What happened to the superhero status given to all first responders, including police, a short time ago?

You take a bad apple out of a bunch because not all are bad and it keeps the rest from becoming that way. I, for one, thank our police for the work they do to keep us safe.

I beg the persons trying to organize the Floyd protests here to stop as you don’t want to be responsible for New Ulm’s destruction by bringing in these entities that are just out to destroy, such as the two buses reported to be coming to New Ulm before the previous event was thankfully canceled. I’ve lived in New Ulm for 62 years and feel we have it pretty good here, even though some of us don’t always agree with some of the actions of our city officials at times.

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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