Proud of Governor Walz

To the editor:

I am so proud of Governor Walz. His recent speeches to the state regarding the need to make decisions about closing down many places that we take for granted in Minnesota were very clear. Schools, restaurants and bars, gyms and recreational facilities, theaters, museums, senior citizen centers, and more will be closed for the immediate future. Governor Walz was so focused and eloquent that I wanted him to be speaking to the entire nation.

For the next unknown period of time I will not be able to visit my own mother who lives in an assisted living facility here in New Ulm. Because of her dementia I am not sure she will understand why I don’t come to see her. But we need these shut downs in order to keep most of us as safe as possible. Stay healthy.

I leave you with something I found on the internet yesterday. It was anonymous so I cannot give anyone credit.

Your parents and grandparents were called to war. You’re being called to sit on your couch. You can do this.

Lowell Liedman

New Ulm


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