New Ulm’s patron saint

Scott Portner (L) and Pat Woratschka.

To the editor:

With so much division, perceived offenses, anger and mistrust in the world these days, it is essential to take the time to point out and honor individuals who truly bring joy to their community.

New Ulm is blessed with one such individual. A humble man with a strong desire and endless enthusiasm to do what he can to enrich the lives of all those he comes in contact with.

I consider him New Ulm’s Patron Saint. You know him as Pat Woratschka. I graduated high school with Pat, and although I don’t live in New Ulm, my visits always have a Pat Woratschka moment. During local festivals you can see Pat in a Narren costume, enthusiastically engaging with everyone. Quick to share a smile, a warm hug, encouragement and sincere concern and good will.

You can catch Pat manning the popcorn wagon in the summer, and sharing the unsold popcorn with the residents and caregivers of a local retirement home.

Pat takes the time to visit the nursing homes residents when he can. Especially during holidays when the loneliness can become unbearable for those who may not have visits from family. But Pat doesn’t forget them… he consistently takes the time to brighten their day.

Pat can be found ringing the Salvation Army bell soliciting donations for those in need during this Christmas season.

I have witnessed Pat going out of his way to get someone safely home after a night of celebration. Keeping them and the streets safe.

These kinds of gestures from Pat are truly selfless acts of love for his fellow man. He is consistent in his efforts and doesn’t seek recognition or any special favors for all he does. And he does so much , for so many, for so many years now.

To me, Pat is without a doubt New Ulm’s Patron Saint. He has touched my soul with his humble, optimistic and never self serving approach to life. His Facebook posts are always encouraging and spiritually uplifting.

Attached is a photo I took of Pat and myself at Hy-Vee. Me? Shopping. Pat? Serving his community. And he wouldn’t want it any other way. And our lives enriched by it.

Job well done, Pat. And Merry Christmas.God bless you.

Scott Portner

LaGrange, Ky.