Hagedorn has roots in First District

To the editor:

First District House candidate Jim Hagedorn was born and raised on a farm in the First District in the Truman area. Jim has maintained a residence in our District for most of his life. He has a legitimate interest in representing the First Congressional District as one of us.

On the other hand, Democratic candidate for the First District House Seat, Dan Feehan, has never lived in the First District. That is until recently this year. Current holder of the First District House Seat, Tim Walz, announced in January that he would vacate the House Seat in order to run for Minnesota Governor. Immediately the Democratic National Committee (DNC), tapped Dan Feehan and told him to move to Mankato and establish residency in the First District. The DNC then told Mr. Feehan that they would sponsor , support and fund his campaign in order to maintain the First District House Seat for the Democratic Party.

I have yet to see Mr. Feehan campaign in the First District nor have I met him or shaken his hand. I have seen Jim Hagedorn in action at many meetings, parades and other events.

I have seen Jim Hagedorn not just shake hundreds of hands, it’s more like thousands of hands. I have seen Jim, stop and talk to many First District residents and discuss their personal issues.

Jim Hagedorn is running for a seat in Congress, primarily to serve the residents of the First District. Jim Hagedorn has worked in Washington D.C at the Treasury Department.

I find Jim Hagedorn’s experience in D.C. as a positive asset as he knows his way around that huge political landscape. Jim will be able to hit the ground running in January because of his experience.

Dan Feehan is an artificial transplant to the First District to exclusively serve the power of the Democratic party.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jim Hagedorn will be the right fit to represent the First Congressional District for the next two years after the upcoming election. He has my vote.

Mark S. Nowak