Meeting was anti-agriculture

To the editor:

I have not slept since that Monday night meeting on well testing. I still wonder why no one will tell me is this state, federal or county money that is being used to make it FREE testing.

I am not against well testing but I am against the government getting into our well testing.

If Mr. Broberg knows so much about wells and farming he better go to Washington DC and tell those people how to do this.

I heard him mention that farmers would fertilize for 150 bu corn and only get 35 bu. He said, or I understood him to say that they would do this three years in a row. I just wonder how dumb he thinks we are? You should have mentioned that in your paper, Mr. Editor.

I have also asked several doctors in the medical field what would happen if we removed all nitrogen from our world? Two said, well you cannot do that. A third said, well, if you could do that, all life would die, all vegetation would die. As a dumb farmer I just wonder why suddenly nitrate is so important.

I cannot stand another meeting like this. As I see it, it was a one-way street against agriculture.

Harley Vogel

New Ulm


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