There’s a new sheriff in town

To the editor:

A little response to the Letter to the Editor which appeared in the Wednesday, Feb. 1 edition of The Journal entitled “Opposition to Trump Policies.”

When Obama won eight years ago he told McCain “We won, you lost.” Now it’s Republicans turn, they could say, “We won, the Democrats lost.” In Brown County Trump won 63.2 percent to Clinton’s 27.31 percent. In the Letter to the Editor “Opposition to Trumps policies,” you have a pretty long list of well-known people who oppose Trump’s policies. Here are some of the things you oppose.

“We are opposed to the changes in the National Security Council and the Muslim ban.” There is NO Muslim ban. It is a temporary ban on people from seven countries, and Trump is doing nothing illegal. It is legal and constitutional. No matter what Trump does, the activists and the Democratic party will protest his actions.The Democrats are a bunch of crybabies, even the minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer is shedding crocodile tears. President Trump texted Mr. Schumer, “who is your acting coach?” In my opinion he is a better actor than he is a senate minority leader.

Donald Trump, just by beating Hillary Clinton did more for the country than the Obama administration did in eight years. He stopped Hillary from being elected and stopped Obama from getting a 3rd term which he wanted badly. He also drained the cesspool of the Obama administration in Washington.

I am a 1938 model and have seen quite a few presidents in my day and the Obama administration is the worst I have seen in my lifetime and he wanted another four years! Thanks to Donald Trump he didn’t get it.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Not so angry old white guy since we have a Republican president and Republican House and Senate.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm