Exercise your right to vote

The right to vote… the right to select our representatives in government, the right to help set the course for our town, county, state and nation. It is an awesome right, and one that makes this country different from and better than many others around the world.

This right gives us a government that listens to its citizens, one that works for the collective good of those citizens.

But it is a right that means nothing unless you get up and use it. All you have to do go to the polls, get a ballot, mark your selections and turn it in. It’s simple. But there are a lot of people who just forget, who just think it won’t make a difference, who just can’t be bothered.

Not voting on election day is like buying a treadmill or an exercise machine, and then just letting it sit in the corner, collecting dust. You get no benefit out of it unless you use it.

Your vote is like a red blood cell in the nation’s veins. By itself one vote, like one blood cell, may not count for much, but combined with millions of other votes it gives life and vitality to this great nation.

Please vote on Tuesday — it’s your right.