If Democrats win this fall, did Russians help?

The Russians, it is alleged, are marketing geniuses. Russian trolls can put out a few lines of text on the internet and hold sway over U.S. elections, as it is purported they did in 2016, somehow helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

Since that election, there has been quite the uproar in some quarters, fed by fears of ongoing Russian “interference” aimed at the vote this fall. Some Americans, it seems, are just too dim-witted to avoid the Russian onslaught. The lies and distortions flowing from Moscow are so much more insidious, we are led to believe, than the normal flow of untruths from the two American political parties. No American can resist. We are all but a pop-up ad or clever post away from being Vladimir Putin’s puppets.

And if you believe that …

We also hear there is a massive “blue wave” coming this fall. This is the cheerleading media notion that Democrats are going to win back the U.S. House and Senate. And, of course, then Donald Trump would be in real trouble, what with the impeachment hearings and all. They could finally nail him for his alleged underhanded dealings with the Russians in 2016.

But wait a minute. If Russian interference never stopped and Democrats are swept into power this fall, shouldn’t that raise some questions? About who the Russians were trying to help this time around? Either that or about the effectiveness of their internet shenanigans? If it’s the former case, would Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer deserve to be impeached instead of Trump? If it’s the latter, what’s that say about 2016?