Gag House Association did a lot in 25 years

This weekend the Wanda Gag House association marked its 25th anniversary with the dedication of a historic plaque at the home at 226 N. Washington St.

The home, built by Anton Gag in 1894, is where artist and author Wanda Gag grew up. She left New Ulm for New York, and became a famous artist, and helped create the children’s picture book genre with her most famous work, “Millions of Cats.”

Her childhood home had changed hands and was getting old, but not forgotten, when the Gag House Association formed 25 years ago to purchase and restore the property. A lot of work went into undoing the remodeling that had taken place over the years, even uncovering some of the handpainted artwork Anton Gag had painted to decorate the walls. The house is now a beautiful example of the architecture of the times.

Better yet, the Gag House Association continues to put on programs and events that preserve the artistic spirit and wonder that Wanda Gag produced with her work, entertaining children and adults, and giving them a chance to test their artistic talents.

As a result, the Gag House is a noted tourist destination by fans of Wanda Gag througout the country.

New Ulm can be truly thankful for the work of the Wanda Gag House Association.