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Why hoard toilet paper?

THUMBS DOWN: One of the more bizarre aspects of the COVID-19 situation is the way people are hoarding toilet paper, snatching it up off of store shelves as if only a closet full of Charmin is going to protect them from sure death. You walk into any grocery store and the section of shelves where toilet paper is usually found is empty. We have to wonder why.

People use toilet paper at about the same rate all year round. Usually, they wait until their supply is getting a little low to go out and buy some more. Toilet paper manufacturers over the years have learned to produce paper at about the same rate as consumption. When everything is working right, there is ample supply to meet demand.

But when people go into a panic, they buy the quilted double ply at such a rate that stores can’t keep the shelves stocked. What they are going to do with it, we don’t know. But they are fouling up the toilet paper pipeline.

Heroes on the front line

THUMBS UP: We are hearing stories all across this nation about doctors, nurses and other medical workers putting their own health at risk while treating sick patients. Many of them are working in facilities that are running out of masks and other personal protective equipment. These are the men and women on the front lines. When this is all over they should be honored as heroes.

Protecting the vulnerable

THUMBS UP: Other heroes include health care workers who are following strict procedures when providing services to our older family members and keeping them safe. These strict procedures are inconvenient but will help keep the coronavirus from entering these facilities. Also, staff members with the various area school districts are working to distribute lunches to students who are now forced to stay home during this crisis. Many students are in need of these lunches.


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