Off the Shelf: Gifts for readers

It’s that time of year again; we’re all stretching our pocketbooks and waistbands with holiday goodies and gifts! Whether you buy a ton of gifts or not, one of the easiest people to buy for is a reader. There are a ton of great reading related gifts; here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Let’s get the classics out of the way first. Bookmarks are always useful to a reader; we’re constantly starting a book, getting distracted by another book for a few days, then coming back to the first or starting a new one altogether. It’s very helpful to have a supply of bookmarks handy. They make great stocking stuffers. Readers also love reading accessories like book lights, protective book covers, and more.

Readers also enjoy having something cozy to drink and a cute mug out of which to drink it. It’s so nice to snuggle up under a blanket in a pile of pillows with some hot chocolate or coffee to sip and a book! You could put together a little cozy package of some novelty hot chocolate or coffee to enjoy, a fun mug, and some chocolates. This is also a nice, easy, and universal gift to give in a work gift exchange (hint, hint, New Ulm Library coworkers).

If you know your reader well, you may have an idea of their favorite books or genres, or which fandoms they have joined. If you have this information, you could seek out a more personalized gift, like a t-shirt, poster, tote bag, pair of socks, etc., that is printed with their favorite book or character. From Amazon to Barnes and Noble, from Litographs to Etsy, there are plenty of places to find themed merchandise. A gift card from a retailer that deals in literary items is also great for those who cannot decide what buy for their reader.

Readers also love the chance to connect with other readers. You could see if your reader’s favorite author is on tour, or if their favorite play is being produced somewhere nearby, and gift them a ticket. Make sure to get one for yourself, too, so you can enjoy the show together!

Best of all, you can always surprise your reader with a real book! Find out their favorite author or genre and buy something similar, buy them something new to try, or share your favorite book with them. Then get together for dinner or coffee and discuss what you’re reading; that’s the best gift of all to a reader: someone to share in their excitement of books!