Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club race results released

No Sunday races

due to weather

NEW ULM — Flat-track race results for Saturday, May 18 were released Sunday night.

No races were held Sunday due to the wet weather. Results of area racers:

Overall results: 50cc chain Jr.: 1. Olivia Kirchoff, Winona. 2. Jace Sandman, Madelia. 50cc chain Sr. 1. Charlie M. Dietz, Madelia. 2. Kirchoff. 50cc shift & shaft 1. Dietz. 2. Ellison Schmidt, N. Mankato. 5. Jaxson Reinhart, Courtland. 6. Artie Dietz, Madelia. DNS Sandman.

65cc mini 1. Jacob Schmidt N. Mankato. 2. Kirchoff. 80cc open 1. Jack Freeman, NU. 3. J. Schmidt N. Mankato. 4. Chace Larson, NU. Supermini 1. Freeman NU. 4. Larson, NU.

80-125 4-stroke beginner 1. Ross Monson, Rogers. 2. Kaden Robinson, NU.

Mad Dog 1. Ryan Schmidt, Mankato. 2. Jillian Dechenes, Rogers.

Beginner C 1. Chad Canton, Vergas. 2. David Kroon, Fairmont. 3. Andy Robinson, NU. 6. David Liesenfeld, NU.

Open A amateur 1. Lowell Bronstad, Pemberton. 3. David Darsow, Clear Lake. Open B amateur 6. Sam Demiller, N. Mankato. Vet 30+ 2. Demiller. 3. Ryan Schmidt, Mankato. Senior 40+ 1. Eric Dietz, Madelia. 2. Jeff Sparks, Mankato. Master 50+ 3. Larry Sparks, Lake Crystal. 4. Greg (Coot) Schmidt, N. Mankato.

250 3. Jack Freeman, NU. Open Twin A amateur 1. Lowell Bronstad, Pemberton. 3. Adam Schmidt, N. Mankato. 6. Randy Braulick, NU. Hooligan 1. Bronstad. 3. Schmidt, N. Mankato. 4. Braulick. Vintage Singles A amateur 2. Eric Dietz, Madelia. 3. Adam Schmidt N. Mankato.