There’s a Meetin’ Here Tonight

Nearly 100 former members of “The Menagerie” took the stage at State Street Theater to perform with Bob Wirtz. The returning members represented 30 years of Menagerie’s history in New Ulm.
The reunion performance was also a history lesson for Menagerie. The show began with the earliest members on stage. The later members would slowly join the performance as the show progressed.
The Menagerie reunion began at the Country Club Friday night and included singing. Jimmy Wirtz, Ted Wirtz, Crista Bohlmann, Bob Siegmann, Bob Wirtz and Sheri Windschill led the group in singing “Country Roads” by John Denver.
Bob Wirtz rests on The Menagerie bench in Nehls Park with his granddaughters Victoria Wirtz (left) and Marlee Wirtz (right).
All returning Menagerie members gathered Saturday around the bench in Nehls Park dedicated in honor of the group’s three decades.


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