Commissioners to consider CSAH 29 project surface

Concrete costs more, but lasts longer

NEW ULM — Brown County commissioners are being asked to select a concrete or bituminous surface for the 2019 CSAH 29 project at their meeting on Oct. 3.

CSAH 29 from TH 4 to CSAH 12 is scheduled for a surface rehabilitation in 2019 using the Local Option Sales Tax as the funding source. The cost of a Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) and bituminous overlay is estimated at $4,200,000, according to the current 5-year highway plan.

Discussions on concrete versus bituminous surfacing of the project include:

• The initial concrete cost is higher than bituminous but concrete is expected to last 35 years, versus 20 years for bituminous.

• Bituminous requires at least two seal coats over a 20-year design life. Concrete does not have scheduled maintenance over the 35-year design life.

• Bituminous is easier than concrete to repair small areas.

• Bituminous tends to wheel rut with the high truck count and concrete does not wheel rut.

• Concrete takes longer to cure before traffic is allowed on it.

Further study showed that the cost per year six-inch concrete overlay is estimated at $158,943. That compares to $193,500 per year for CIR and four-inch bituminous overlay and $258,200 per year for CIR and six-inch bituminous overlay.

Commissioners will also consider:

• A petition of David Englin and Cecilia Zwaschka to outlet 36 acares into County Ditch (CD) 28. No bond is required for a petition to outlet.

• A petition of David, Joseph & Judy Schwartz and Joseph and Cindy Steffl to provide drainage to about 419 acres in Leavenworth Township. The landowners engaged the services of Bolton & Menk to provide an engineer’s report.

According to the report, the proposed private tile described in the report is feasible, practical and is necessary to provide drainage for the cultivation of crops in the watershed. The outlet is adequate to convey the discharge.

Viewers would need to review the outlet petition, determine the benefits to be assigned to each of the parcels and make a determination as to a fair outlet fee.

The meeting begins in the courthouse commissioner’s room at 9 a.m., Oct. 3.



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