Park options considered by Park & Rec panel

NEW ULM – There are six undeveloped park areas in New Ulm that Park & Rec staff believe warrant development.

The Park and Rec Commission will begin discussions at its Monday meeting to decide which park will be developed next.

Undeveloped parks include Lakeside Village, Maplewood, North Broadway, North Highland, Pfaender, Col Wilhelm and South Market. In addition, three other locations are underserved by a neighborhood park including South Goosetown, Dacotah West and North Highland Avenue and Garden Street.

The city’s Comprehensive Plan sets standards that no resident should travel farther than four blocks from home to visit a park area.

Options for developing a park could include using funds from the Parkland Dedication account, which contains more than $120,000. No money has been spent from this account in 11 years.

Repurposing equipment is another option. The pending construction of an inclusive playground at Hermann Heights has allowed the city to salvage the former playground equipment that could be used at different parks.

In other news the Commission is expected to approve 28 donations. Twenty-five of the donations are directed to New Ulm Area Day of Play events.

Park and Rec holds three large scale events throughout the year for children. The donations for the Days of Play events total nearly $7,000.

Other donations are directed toward the Hermann Heights Inclusive Playground and the Kiesling House. Hermann Heights has been offered $5,320 in-kind donations. The Kiesling House is receiving $5,000 in cash for interpretive displays.