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Thank You to Local Restaurants

The board members of New Ulm’s Own wish to acknowledge the generous cooperation of New Ulm’s downtown restaurants in assisting our recognition of World Fair Trade Day. Lola’s, Joni’s, Lakes on 1st, Sozial, Lamplighter, George’s and Turner Halle each served one of our food products on May 11. These restaurants as well as The Kaiserhoff and The Ulmer promoted the benefits of fair trade practices by placing educational material on their tables. Fair Trade assists craftpersons and small farmers in developing nations by insuring fair wages, safe working conditions, environmentally safe production, banning child labor, and providing a fair trade bonus for community development. Our mission, as a non-profit volunteer staffed organization, provides an alternative shopping experience in downtown New Ulm. We further our work in the New Ulm community by donating profits to local charity. This year’s profit is directed to the Southern Minnesota Crisis Nursery Center. Thank you to these local restaurants for supporting our work and for being considerate neighbors in the downtown community.

Jeanie Hinsman

Mary Kluge

Barb Olson

Bernice Schmitz

Vicki Sieve

Peg Sundell


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