Governor: Brinks heist getaway

driver eligible for parole

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A former radical who drove a getaway car during a Brinks armored car robbery that led to the deaths of two police officers and a security guard will be eligible for parole next year after Gov. Andrew Cuomo commuted her sentence on Friday.

Judith Clark, a former Weather Underground member, has served 35 years of a 75-years-to-life sentence for her role in the robbery at a mall in suburban Rockland County.

The commutation from will allow Clark, 67, to appear before the Board of Parole in early 2017. Under her previous sentence, she would not have been eligible for parole consideration until she was 106.

In announcing the decision, the Democratic governor’s office noted that Clark “received one of the longest sentences of her six co-defendants, the majority of whom are either deceased or no longer in custody” and “received the same sentence as one of the known shooters.”

Cuomo’s office also said Clark has been a model prisoner.

But the governor’s decision outraged Michael Paige, whose father, Brinks security guard Peter Paige, was killed in the $1.6 million holdup. Less than an hour after Paige’s killing, two Nyack police officers, Waverly Brown and Sgt. Edward O’Grady, stopped a truck at a roadside checkpoint and were killed in an ambush.

Michael Paige said 35 years isn’t enough time for Clark — “No. It’s never enough time.”

Man charged with wife’s death in Tonga wants his cash back

HONOLULU (AP) — A U.S. citizen detained in Honolulu and facing extradition to Tonga where he’s accused of beating his wife to death has asked the U.S. government to return cash he had amassed from other countries including Canada and New Zealand.

A public defender for Dean Jay Fletcher filed a motion Thursday saying the government is illegally keeping the currency.

The various denominations of currency from Tonga, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States are the “only means that Mr. Fletcher has to hire an attorney and mount any meaningful defense to the charges in Tonga,” Assistant Federal Defender Melinda Yamaga said in the motion.

U.S. marshals brought Fletcher to Honolulu last month. Court documents say he escaped twice from a Tonga jail and sailed to American Samoa.

Fletcher was indicted in the Kingdom of Tonga on murder and other charges in the July death of his wife, Patricia Linne Kearney, according to court records filed in Honolulu.