Team 13A wins Schell’s Bottle Cap Open

Staff photo by Travis Rosenau The winners of the 2018 Schell’s Bottle Cap Open with a score of 129 from left to right. Ted Marti, Jay Ness, Mark Windschitl, Jamie Haas and Pat Brennan.

NEW ULM — There’s a first time for everything.

Jay Hess, captaining team 13A, not only picked up his first win in the Schell’s Bottle Cap Open on Monday, but it was also his first appearance at the event as well.

Hess and his teammates Ted Marti, Pat Brennan, Jamie Haas and Mark “Windy” Windschitl took first at the 18th annual event with a score of 129 at the New Ulm Country Club.

“This was the first time I’ve played in this tournament,” Hess said. “We used to come over with some guys, my dad and other people that played in the Kaiserhoff tournament, so I don’t know how many years ago that was, but now my son said, ‘Let’s play in one of these,’ so we registered Friday and got in.”

Hess said that he was happy with the overall team performance on Monday.

“We did good,” Hess said. “Ted Marti, Pat, Jamie and Mark all played good. We hung in there and played good. I don’t know if the wind affected as much, but the softness of the ground and the greens — they were slow.”

“And the Schell’s beer helped,” Windschitl added.

Taking second at the event was the team of Andy Budahn, Jerry Boddy, Lou Geistfeld, Scott Lambrecht and Roger Schultz with a score of 131.

After Hess said that Marti had the best short game he’s seen in years, Marti said that he thought a little luck was involved.

“Well, I don’t know,” Marti said. “I played well, I got lucky. We got lucky.”

Windschitl wanted to make clear, though, that there was more than just luck that played a role in the win.

“I’m not the best golfer, but I’ve been to a few high-priced golf schools, so I can help these guys,” Windschitl said. “I can show them what they’re doing wrong, and so I think my opinion probably helped us win this today. It wasn’t just me, it was my team and my opinions.”

Schell’s Bottle Cap Open 2018

First Place – 129 – Jay Ness, Ted Marti, Pat Brennan, Jamie Haas and Mark Windschitl

Second Place – 131 – Andy Budahn, Jerry Boddy, Lou Geistfeld, Scott Lambrecht and Roger Schultz

Third Place – 133 – Jake Holm, Paul Holm, Mike Bode, Kyle Marti and Bob Ranweiler

Fourth Place – 133 – Mike Krueger, Brad Johannes, Mike Schugel, Steve Henderson and Keith Rolloff

Fifth Place – 134 – Randy Paa, Rick Jensen, Tom Fenske, Brad Zollner and Joe Slander

Sixth Place – 134 – Jeff Anderson, Doug Bode, Rick Hulke, Joe Eckstein and Todgeo Meinert

Seventh Place – 134 – Craig Spelbrink, Bernie Lacher, Travis Thorson, Tim Kohn and Rollo Lentz

Eighth Place – 135 – Glenn Peters, Eric Schmidt, Dave Brown, Mert Gustad and Billy Dittrich


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