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Who do you support for Governor?

  1. Mark Dayton (DFL)
  2. Jeff Johnson (R)
  3. Hannah Nicollet (Ind)
  4. Chris Holbrook (Lib)
  5. Chris Wright (Grassroots)
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Oct-12-14 11:07 AM

Under the Democrats $77MILLION was WASTED on a building that they DID NOT NEED. That money could have been spent on roads. ***********kare11****/story/news/politics/2014/08/26/minnesota-gop-keeps-focus-on-new-senate-office-building/14606555/

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Oct-12-14 10:58 AM

Time for a REAL change ... vote for a party other than Democrats or Republicans ...there ARE more than two even thought the media does not want you to know...I'll be voting for Hannah Niccolet ...

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Sep-20-14 7:49 AM

I think it's "Whom do you support for governor?"

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Aug-27-14 7:45 AM

Dayton is a dweeb and he is as embarrassing as Ventura. His policies are worse that the short term out look for which most companies are criticized. Anyone can generate a tax surplus by increasing taxes and derailed a health care program which was working just fine in Mn to dump millions into a ship wreck

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Aug-25-14 6:56 AM

I'm not sure how one can disagree with the fact that I did lose my health insurance & the fact that my taxes went up every year. Interesting.

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Aug-24-14 2:58 PM

All I know is that I lost my health insurance, and my taxes have gone up every year.

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Aug-22-14 1:12 AM

If you are referring to some sort of refund that went to the local governments, then I was not aware of that, JR. I was referring to the property tax refund that we had to file with the Minnesota Department of Revenue. That was the refund that I was referring to when I said I was not eligible for. The amount of my property taxes on the statement I receive from Brown County is what has been going down over the last few years.

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Aug-21-14 10:02 AM


I think you're talking about the property tax refund. You need to file for it and it is income based. The rebates did impact residential property owners. The problem I have with this scheme is they aren't permanent.

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Aug-21-14 2:20 AM

I didn't get a rebate, JR, because our income is too high. Our property taxes did go down under Dayton. They went up over $300 under Pawlenty. I believe they have come down about $200 under Dayton. Our taxable market value only dropped a couple thousand during the recession. It stayed relatively flat.

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Aug-20-14 9:43 AM

No "none of the above option" ?

Let's not forget Dayton's crowning achievement - inventor of the warehouse tax. He like all other Democrats have never found a tax they didn't like even a brand new one.

MCW, don't be fooled by the lower property taxes. They came in the form of a rebate. You know those rebate things that can easily be taken away...

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Aug-20-14 7:45 AM

Governor Dayton has restored my pride in MN. He has brought our state back to a budget surplus after years of deficits, expanded educational opportunities and implemented a health care program to sharply reduce the uninsured. Responsible spending, education and healthcare are the pillars of what makes MN a great place to live. Four more years!

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Aug-20-14 2:53 AM

Why anybody would want to go back to the failed policies of the GOP is beyond me. Our property taxes have went DOWN under Dayton and the DFL Legislature. Enough with all the republican "fees" and passing the buck off to the local level where they raise our property taxes.

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