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What should be done about Obamacare?

  1. Give it time, it will work out.
  2. Delay until kinks are worked out.
  3. Scrap it. It will never work.
  4. Not sure.
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Nov-14-13 3:49 PM

This just shows that republicans are the only people that hate anything Oboma does . It will be just fine like Medicare is that had trouble when it first started ,

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Nov-14-13 4:11 PM

People don't have to try and enroll for Medicare on a non-functioning web site.

Did the implementation of Medicare cause everyone's health insurance premiums to rise ? Yeah, didn't think so...

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Nov-14-13 9:58 PM

If you don't have something to replace it with, then fix it. People are still in need of medical care, so the problem won't go away by kicking the can down the road. Obamacare certainly needs work, but at least someone started something. It should have been done in smaller pieces.

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Nov-15-13 10:02 AM

What Obama has done is to make a bad situation worse. Doing "something" isn't the answer. They should have at least read the bill and debated it. Maybe, had they done their jobs in this regard changes could have been made making the law something that could have moved us forward as a nation regarding our healthcare issues. We will never know because of the reckless nature in which Congress passed this bill into law.

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Nov-15-13 12:28 PM

This is a huge mess that will cost a lot of money and time to fix, if that's the route you want to go. When is enough, enough as far as wasting, spending?? Unless everyone thinks that the money won't come from the middle class in the form of taxes. If I'm off base, please inform me: where will the funds come from to pay for all this bleeding of money?

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Nov-15-13 6:46 PM

Since every person that makes $50,000 has $4000 in taxes going towards corporate subsidies, I say that we start by cutting corporate subsidies. After all, it is the corporations that decided that they could make more profits by cutting health benefits for their employees.

As a bonus, offer to reward the companies fairly that provide family health benefits.

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Nov-16-13 8:06 AM

The arguments made today against ACA are the very same arguments made in 1935 against Social Security by the very same party. As a retired person I sure enjoy Social Security. No program ever came out running smoothly.

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Nov-17-13 8:23 AM

Why is it the Federal Government's responsibility to manage everyone's healthcare? It should be a responsibility of the state, just like Romney Care in Massachusetts. That way you know a majority of your constituents want the program to begin with and running a state program is much more manageable.

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Nov-17-13 9:19 AM

Did people have to give up their private pensions and get forced into Social Security with the threat of being fined for not complying ?

Did anyone state "if you like your pension you can keep your pension ?"

I guess I'm not seeing where the two have very much in common at all.

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Nov-17-13 6:44 PM

Jeez, JR, all you ever do is whine about the Affordable Care Act. You say the same old stuff over and over, and over again. It's boring. (Besides that, it's all Bush's fault.)

Take up scrap-booking.

Have an affair.

Drive to the Twin Cities and go to The Mall.

Please. Do something else for a change.

We all need a break.

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Nov-18-13 8:28 AM

"running smoothly", this program isn't even crawly! How about this for leadership: 4 weeks ago "I will not compromise on the ACA" - government shutdown talks. Now- well, let's make a compromise to let some folks keep their unqualifying policies. They call that a 180 degr turn, from our leadership, in the past month or so. All I'm asking for is for the loyalists to admit there's major problems instead of believing that all it's going to take are some small modifications.

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Nov-18-13 8:29 AM

Crawling, sorry.

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Nov-18-13 8:50 AM


why would my whining bother you so much, Sven ? If what I have to say is so bothersome to you why don't you just ignore it ? Are you having a crisis of conscience by continuing to support our liar in chief ?

I'm just giving the people the truth about this law. I understand this is more than you or our president can handle.

At least 39 Democrats in the House have now realized the truth behind this disastrous law.

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Nov-18-13 2:54 PM

Happy Monday, JR!

Things are going great in liberal land.

Dow hits 16,000!!!!! Obama beloved by investors.

Housing market comes roaring back. Obama hailed as economic genius.

Auto sales are boffo. Obama takes a bow.

Gay marriage breaks out everywhere. Obama fist pumps again.

13 million immigrants about to become Democrats. Liberals weep with joy.

Three more years...and so much more government to do.

My glass is brimming. Too bad yours is bone dry.

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Nov-18-13 4:20 PM


I know your glass is brimming. You have that special pink mustache from drinking all of that special Kool Aide.

Cheers bro... send me a postcard when you arrive at La La land.

Don't worry, I'll keep working and paying my taxes so you can continue your free ride. Your welcome.

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Nov-18-13 5:49 PM

Sven, have you checked your beloved's rating lately...he's carrying the same trend (statistically) as the man you hate soooo much, you know, the last 2-term president that everyone, including his own party, grew to despise and avoid!!! Sorry to ruin your Monday.

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Nov-18-13 6:52 PM

Jokes's on you, Integrity.

President Obama has a 79% approval rating among Democrats.

Who cares what the sore-heads think.

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Nov-18-13 9:20 PM

Svensota - we can't help education hasn't helped some people.

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Nov-18-13 10:19 PM

Avoice: Have you passed English yet?

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Nov-19-13 9:25 AM

Svensota, sorry if you were offended by the sentence structure useage but the truth still stands.

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Nov-19-13 11:28 AM

What truth? Yours or mine?

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Nov-19-13 11:33 AM


Why wouldn't Obama have a 100% approval rating among Democrats ?

It was actually the independents that put Obama in office. These are the people that actually think before they vote which I understand is a foreign concept for you. I'll make as simple as I can for you. They look at more than just if there is a "D" after the candidates name. They actually research and study the candidate and the issues before going and casting their ballot. Just take some time now and try to digest this concept. I realize this might be more than you can take in but all I ask is for you to try your best.

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Nov-19-13 11:37 AM


You have to understand that Sven has a very unique understanding of the word truth. His truth is developed from a world in which he is the only inhabitant.

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Nov-20-13 8:26 AM

You're right, we should just not care about groups of people that have a different view from the Democrats. As long as the majority rules, the minority shouldn't have rights or voices. Sven: are you actually Pres O. voicing under a tag-name?!? Can I have your autograph Mr. O?

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Nov-20-13 10:04 PM

JR: Why not a 100%? Excellent question.

Some liberal Democrats feel President Obama is not liberal enough, so their approval is less than might be expected. I can understand their feelings because sometimes even I think President Obama holds back trying to make a bunch of crabby malcontents happy, when he should just go full speed ahead, GOPper/TPers be darned.

Still, most of us true Americans are thrilled by the president and all he has accomplished.

Maybe you missed it, but our "world" won a majority in 2012. There are 65,915,796 Obama voters in "my world", JR. That's 5,000,000 more than are in your "world". And when we get all those immigrants registered it will be 10 or 15 million more.

Sleep well, O Prince of the Right. We're multiplying.

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