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Who is more to blame for the government shutdown?

  1. Democrats
  2. Republicans
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Oct-01-13 9:35 PM

Monica Lewinsky

If Bubba hadn't fooled around with his cigars, Al Gore would have been elected President in 2000. There's no way Gore would have gone into Iraq like "W" did. But, after 16 years of Democrats in the White House, a Republican like "The Maverick" would have been elected in 2008. So, we would now be in the midst of some Eisenhower-ish malaise with Tricky-Sarah as VP and all would be semi-well with the world. And, Barack Obama would be an earnest and energetic junior senator from Illinois and a long-shot vice presidential candidate in 2016.

So, it's all Monica's fault--both the government shutdown today and the 2nd Bush-Iraq War.

I also think she might have something to do with climate change.

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Oct-01-13 10:38 PM

80 members of the House. A faction of one party in one house of Congress who were allowed by their party to shut down the entire government to re-fight the results of an election that hurt their feelings.

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Oct-01-13 11:47 PM

svensota - you picked the right hammer to hit the nail on the head.

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Oct-01-13 11:47 PM

Auntydem - who do you want me to send the week's supply of diapers to - Obama or Reid?

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Oct-02-13 12:06 AM

" re-fight the results of an election that hurt their feelings."

Actually, most of those were probably elected in 2010. The first election after the signing of "Obamacare".

Now why do you suppose that happened? And should they NOT be doing what their constituents asked of them?.

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Oct-02-13 12:18 AM

Wow, A blame poll that's 50-50 in New Ulm, that bodes pretty well for the Dems if that's really the case. That's what happens when you don't play fair and keep moving the goal post you elephants. You have a pretty short memory for such an impressive creature. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The President is right not deal with you, he wised up like the Indians finally did, it just didn't take him quite that long.

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Oct-02-13 5:08 PM

Who is more to blame? Headline today (Oct 2) "(Republican controlled)House Now Has The Votes To End Government Shutdown, But It Won't" We have a winner.

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Oct-02-13 9:25 PM

People aren't stupid, contrary to Puke's constant comments telling everyone, other than himself, that they are .

The cynicism and grandstanding by the Tea Party will come back and bite them in the hinder in '16.

So, sit back and enjoy watching those twerps self-destruct.

We have the office, we have the votes, and we have the power.

Good luck, yahoos.

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Oct-03-13 12:05 AM

The two party system and the government as a whole is dysfunctional and needs a complete overhaul. But how do we change things.If our elected officials can't get off their high horses and see eye to eye then we are doomed and it's every politicians for themselves not caring whats good for America but whats good for their political careers and the corporations who paid for their election to get the legislation r passed that will benefit them so they can make more money and have more power. It's like having a Viking fan and a Green Bay Packer fan cooperating on who has the best football team.

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Oct-03-13 5:23 PM

Leave to Sven to always blame the "other woman".

Will Monica get blamed too when Hillary loses in 2016 ?

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Oct-03-13 5:28 PM


Those Tea Party guys you despise so much come from districts that think they are heros for shuttin' 'er down. They won't get sent packing by their constituents for being true patriotic American heros... (there words not mine)

You better think up a new strategy.

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Oct-04-13 2:27 PM

JR: Thank you for once again asking for my infallible expertise and savvy political insight.


Send all Tea Party zealots to Texas and make them secede from the Union. They'll all be happy: zillions of guns without permits, daily executions of indigent Blacks, lots of high school football, oodles of bottle-blonde babes, no income tax, no welfare, no pesky voting laws, no same-sex fooling other words, nirvana. And, as an added bonus, Puke and you can run the new Lone Star Nation.

And the rest of us will be much the better for being rid of 'yall.

It's a win-win solution.

You're welcome.

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Oct-08-13 10:34 AM

Once again I've gone and done it. I've expected way too much of Sven.

We don't need to give up Texas, Sven. All we need to do is round up all of the political dissidents and shoot them. It is a tried and true method used by Obama's mentor, Joseph Stalin.

And, since we find ourselves in the 21st century I'm sure our beloved Nobel Peace Prize winner would much rather use a drone strike to take out those pesky Tea Party malcontents. I know the president just like you have an aversion to guns - so missles it is !!! Just like Syria - right ??? Oh, nevermind.

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Oct-08-13 12:20 PM, I wouldn't call it "giving up Texas", more like getting rid of Texas and, of course, a little riff-raff too.

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Oct-08-13 12:36 PM

Once again Sven gets hung up in semantics. Ok, you want to make Texas one big concentration camp to rid our society of all of it's undesirables starting with me & Puke.

Where do I board my train Mr. Himmler ?

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Oct-08-13 5:33 PM

That's the spirit!

All aboard.

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Oct-09-13 8:46 AM

Well at least you owning up to your persona...

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Oct-09-13 12:44 PM

A lot of people have been rushing up to me lately, tugging on my elbow, and asking: "svensota, svensota, the sky is going to fall in seven days, what are we gonna' do? You're brilliant, svensota, so give us the answer, pu-leeeeze."

I replied, "Yes, yes, my fearful ones. Be not like the yammering TPers. All is well."

"But how, svensota? How can that be?"

"O fearful ones, remember this: President Barrack Obama is a graduate of Harvard Law School, where he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, and then he taught constitutional law at the U of C."

"So, svensota???"

"Think about it, fearful ones. If all is doomed on economic judgment day, Professor Obama will simply issue an executive order mandating the debt ceiling be raised."

"WHAT! That an impeachable offense!!"

"No, little ones, to NOT issue such an order would be an impeachable offense, besides, do you think the Senate would convict?"


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Oct-15-13 12:54 PM

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that "the buck stops here." Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."

Senator Barak Obama, March 2006.

So Sven, you would have been on board with George Bush signing an executive order raising the debt limit in 2006 because not to do so would have been an "Impeachable offense".

So how do you then reconcile the fact that your constitutional scholar opposed raising the debt limit in 2006 if not doing so could

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Oct-15-13 6:18 PM

JR: I'm waiting with bait on my breath to see your rousing concluding sentence.

However, I would say, not knowing the extent of your highly sophisticated thought process, that quoting President Barack Obama is admirable.

So many of you hard righties quote Ron so often, it's a pleasure to see you embrace the wisdom of our first half-Black president.

Were the fish biting? Did you have a good time? I was worried that you would come back grumpy.

Happy debt ceiling doomsday tomorrow.

Thank goodness I still have my baseball card collection. It's better than gold!

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Oct-16-13 11:05 AM


Fishing was fine - weather not so fine.

Why would you have to part with you beloved baseball card collection if your guy with the stroke of his executive order pen can make all of this gloom and doom go away ?

My parting words on my last post were regarding the Obama comment about a failure of leadership requiring the the need to raise the debt ceiling. Kind of prophetic wouldn't you say ? Who would of dreamed he'd be talking about his future self ?

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Oct-16-13 1:30 PM


The competency of a Congressman is inversely proportional to the number of American flags slapped into the background of the podium at news conferences.

For example, Speaker of the House Bonehead always has four crisp American flags right behind him as he and his dysfunctional tribe mumble political inanities to The American People.

(But, he does have a great marmalade tan!)

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